Thursday, 6 March 2014


So after my recent issue with Advance Deployment, I ended up trying another acrylic template/token manufacturer. 

Well, I placed an order on Feb 17th and the good news is that I received a shipping notice on Feb 19th. And unlike certain other suppliers, the shipping notice had a valid tracking number that ACTUALLY said something other than 'Electronic Shipping Info received'. That's pretty fast in my book. 

Anyway, I just received it so here's my review. 

One thing I wasn't too happy about was the fact my Xwing measurement template was sticking out of the bag. It's not that it just broke the bag during the transit period but rather, the fact that there was scotch-tape sealing it and preventing it from moving kind of indicates it was already broken and people had noticed this. Just seems kind of risky to ship it like that. 

Other than that, everything was fine. Except for the fact they had these brown tape stuck to the back of the tokens, which was a real pain to peel off. Especially when you're working with small tokens. If they could make it easier to peel off instead of having to scrape it off with my nails until i manage to get an edge, I'd love that. 
Also, I'm really liking the look and feel of the X-wing movement templates. 

And their small detail work isn't too shabby either. Really liking how they managed to fit all those Infinity symbols onto that small token. 

But how does their work compare? Well, I've put together some side by side shots of other templates I own from other manufacturers. 
For the AOE rings, I'm going to have to say I prefer the large sized rings of the Advance Deployment ones. Granted, the thinner ones are generally easier to put down as effects but the thicker ones just look better. 
For the spray template, what the Warsenal one is lacking is the 'small, medium, large' indicator on the spray template itself. Also, a nice central line on the spray template would be nice too. 

For the movement gauges, I'm going to have to say I definitely prefer the Warsenal one. Why? Because I can buy ONE of it without having to buy a whole set. Notice how I only have 2 of the chain attack templates in the picture? That's cause I'm missing one and the only way I can replace it is to buy the WHOLE frigging set again. Cause they don't sell it by itself. 

So overall, a fairly decent experience from Warsenal. I would order from it again if I ever needed some more templates.