Wednesday, 5 March 2014

HoneyBee BBQ & Grill

Ended up trying this on a whim. 
The place seems to be one of those casual western dining cafes that seem to pop up ever so frequently. Probably because western food is one of those food types that will never go away. Unlike the great donut fad of 2007.

So what's there to eat at the Honey Bee BBQ and Grill? There's the standard western stuff, burgers, fries, chicken, steak etc. Keep in mind though, this is a cafe so don't expect fine dining. Or even particularly great western food. 

The decor was a bit weird though. You'd see all these flags being hung up all over the place, which included quite a few western countries. Then you had S.Korea...And then some random south Korean stuff. And there was nothing South Korean on the menu at all. The ambience was also a bit dim I guess, but not in the nice way. 

We ended up ordering the Pork Ribs since there was a 2 for 1 promotion. Unfortunately, their pork ribs aren't a whole slab or even half a slab but are portioned and priced into 2 or 3 ribs per serving. We went with the 2 ribs version and to be fair, the ribs are pretty large apparently. They remind me more of lamb cutlets I've BBQed before. 

We also had a starter of baked mushrooms. Personally, I felt the crust was too thin and for the price I paid (10+SGD), they could have given me more than 7 mushrooms. 

The sauce was decent enough. However the ribs just had too much fat on them. Like huge portions of fat, which was of the soft squishy 'urgh' kind. The meat was decent but the sheer amount of fat on the ribs was unbelievable. The wedges were decent, not great but decent. The plate could have done with a larger serving of salad to make it look more presentable. There's really no reason to skimp on salad. 

Overall, I find the meal passable. I'm not going to rave about it or decide to go back frequently. But at the promotional price, I think it was an okay meal. However, when it comes to non-promotional items like the mushrooms, the price starts to become a little unbearable. Especially with the quality of the food. And again, I would probably rate it higher if it wasn't for the ribs having so much damn fat on them.