Saturday, 15 March 2014

Singapore March 8th Android NetRunner Regionals

So there was an Android NetRunner Regionals recently at Gamersaurus Rex, one of the game shops I hang around. Apparently it had a fairly large turnout with 42 people turning out. Man, I wish our WMH tournaments had that many people turn up. Unfortunately, with this many people turning up, it means there's inevitably going to be some drama turning up. 

Shortly after the Regionals, a disturbing rumour began circulating around the webz. Or really, just facebook. 
So again, this is fairly disturbing news to read about. It comes short of naming the person involved but due to the fairly small nature of the SGean community, most people could quickly infer just who the complaint writer was referring to. Of course, all doubt was cast aside when an 'associate' of the person spoke up.
 I'm not really sure this was the wisest decision ever. In comparison, Tony Reidy's defence of Defiance Games may have been BETTER worded than this rebuttal or whatever this can be called. To paraphrase a quote, it is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. Which is pretty much what this post did. By being silent, you still had at least a semblance of doubt because it's just pretty much one accusation against another, with no one really being sure of what really happened. However, once you speak out however... 

Also, he's blaming Nic for reposting the whole thing or even accusing him of writing/fabricating the article for purely personal reasons. First of all dude, this is called libel. It would be slander if you spoke it but you're basically accusing him of lying online just to stop your own business from getting something. Uh...considering how trigger-happy most Singaporeans are, please consider yourself lucky not to be sued.  And then when the Nic in question says he's not the author and merely reposting, Adran continues...But then gets owned when the actual owner speaks up. 

To be fair, I'm not too certain in what capacity this "Adran Lim" is speaking out in. In a personal or professional capacity as he works for the game shop in question and is employed by the game shop in question. If it is in a professional capacity in anyway, he should really be taken aside and severely rebuked. His remarks were unprofessional and I'm going to be honest, tars his company simply by association. Frankly, as a manager of a company, if my subordinates had chosen to go along and be a jackass and passive aggressive in a community of my customers, that subordinate would be gone the next day. However, he is NOT my subordinate. 

If it is a personal capacity, then again, tainted by association. There really are certain people you DO NOT want speaking up for you in your defense because they will actually make people think you're guilty. Adran Lim is apparently one of them. However, all his talk about not getting the business involved makes me think he's speaking up in a professional capacity, which imo came across very poorly. 

In the end, I think this really comes down to how even small gaming stores need to be pretty much aware of how they manage their own image online as well as making sure their staff are aware they're not supposed to be belligerent or passive aggressive to customers.