Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Vindictus T4 vs pHaley

This game took an insanely long time to finish...
Vindictus (tier 4)

Zealots with UA
Errants with UA
Errants with UA
Min. Choir
Errant Seneschal
Errant Seneschal


Stormblades with UA
Stormsmith caller
Tempest Blazers

So much...armor to crack through. I'm not too worried about the tempest blazers or Stormblades really, but the Stormwall is pretty daunting. We play Scenario #8 and he goes first. So part of the reason I'm going up to t4 for Vindictus is because AD menoth jacks sound really good to me. As does 2 units of Errants with UA. But let's see how it goes. 

Turn 1
-So 1 focus to Lancer and Stormwall. The lancer runs ahead, staying in front of the objective while the Stormwall stays behind the objective. The stormstrider runs up behind the objective as well. Stormblades run up the left flank towards the left zone while the tempest blazers run up the right, towads the right zone. pHaley walks up and casts Temporal barrier and Arcane shield on Stormwall. 
+Vindictus walks up and casts true path, defenders ward on the nearest unit of errants in the center and then sacrifices a zealot to give all his jacks 1 focus. Choir walk up and give the jacks immunity to non-magical shooting and the jacks run up into the zone. Errants in the center move up the center while the errants on the left move up the left flank and into the zone. Zealots surround Vindictus to prevent him from getting shot to death if the stormwall decides to move up. 

Turn 2
-So now only his tempest blazers can shoot me. He gives 1 focus to Lancer and keeps the rest of his focus on himself. Lancer runs up the center through the forest. Stormstrider walks into the right zone and attempts to shoot a DWed errant and misses. The tempest blazers walk up and shoot some choir as well as the Jacks. Poor choir, they will be missed. The Stormwall walks up and shoots some errants and then lays down covering fire on both sides, preventing me from reaching him. Haley walks up and tries to chain lightning my errants but then I remind him they can't have enemy spells cast on them. I'm amazed how many people forget that. Anyway, opponent starts cursing Menoth and Errants in general under his breath. Temporal Barrier goes up again. 
+I give 1 focus to the reckoner closest to the stormstrider. I upkeep DW. Vindictus walks around the objective and casts True Path again and this time he feats as well. He sacrifices another zealot to give all Jacks 1 focus again. The zealots move to the right zone and mini-feat. My castigator goes into the Strider but damn, I forget it has a repulsor which means my guy is pushed away after 1 attack. I also forget it automatically sets things on fire if it hits them...Reckoner walks up and hits the Strider and it's left with 3 hp after everything is done. But it also has THREE tokens on it to boost/buy attacks. Damn, was really hoping to kill it. Other Reckoner goes and tries and hit the Tempest Blazers and misses. Errants walk up and try to beat the Lancer as well as SHOOTING the stormstrider. At this point, i'm hoping to roll a lucky 12 to kill it off since I do not want it shooting my jacks who aren't immune to normal shooting at this moment. Other unit of errants move up and murder the stormblades, leaving 2 of them alive. 

Turn 3
-So...the stormwall thinks he has a chance to murder me now that I'm somewhat out in the open. He gives 3 focus to the Stormwall and upkeeps arcane shield. The stormwall walks through the forest and shoots Vindictus! He hits. Then I sacpawn it off to a zealot. Who's under the mini-feat. So basically indestructible...He then decides to shoot errants and lay down some covering fire. Stormstrider shoots my castigator, boosts the damage, buys boosts damage and the buys a last attack which misses. However, due to my feat, he takes 1 point of damage for each one. The last one would have killed himself if it had hit due to the feat making him take 1 pt of damage every time one of his attacks does damage. Tempest blazers shoot my reckoner and kill off the last remaining choir and errant. Stormsmith caller decides to lightning call my reckoner engaged with the Tempest Blazers and disrupts it. The stormblades assault my Errants on the left but have a hard time hitting considering I'm in forest. The lancer tries to hit my Errants but also has a hard time hitting and killing DWed errants. Haley casts temporal barrier again. 
+I give 3 focus to the Reckoner and upkeep DW. The reckoner goes into the Stormstrider, kills it and then continues beating the stormwall. Meanwhile, my group of errants are still trying to kill the lancer. My errants on the left finish off the stormblades. My castigator walks up to a few tempest blazers and sets them on fire. I don't even bother trying to roll. Nope, they're on fire. They die from the flame burst. Zealots walk up and try to shoot a few tempest blazers and are successful with the blast damage, killing a few of them. Vindictus runs far away from the Stormwall. 

Turn 4
-3 focus to Stormwall. He upkeeps arcane shield. Stormwall proceeds to make mincemetal out of my Reckoner. Thankfully I have spares lying around. The lancer tries to beat more DWed errants. Haley casts temporal barrier again. Really, that's all she's been doing. 
+So I'm a bit too far to allocate focus. I ran really really far. I upkeep DW. I cast true path and charge to the other side with Vindictus, trying to reach my own zone since it's free of obstructions now. Also, his zone has a huge stormwall in it My errants on the right walk into the stormwall and beat it. Meanwhile, I'm STILL trying to kill the same damn lancer. My zealots walk up and shoot the stormwall as well as the objective, setting pHaley on fire with crit rolls. This is what happens when you camp near an immobile object -_-. My errants on the left walk up and try and shoot the squire. The castigator My other Reckoner engages the stormwall and beats it. Finally, one side goes down. Somehow, I've been using all my luck for dice rolls on the stormwall. I have 1CP for the objective. 

Turn 5
-Fire goes out on Haley! 2 focus to the Stormwall.  It starts killing my other reckoner. That's okay, I STILL have a castigator!  Lancer still kills errants. Haley casts Temporal Barrier again and walks to her zone and recasts Arcane shield on herself. 
+Vindictus runs to his zone. I upkeep DW. Errants beat the stormwall. Zealots kill the Stormwall with AOEs. Meanwhile, I still CAN NOT kill the lancer. How on earth is this possible??? I've killed the Stormwall while I've been hitting the Lancer for several turns and all I've done is 8 points of damage to it?!??! Errants from the left walk up and shoot Haley. I gain 1 CP for dominating my zone. 

Turn 6
-3 focus to Lancer. He keeps everything and upkeeps Arcane Shield. Lancer kills some Errants. Haley walks into her zone. I gain 1CP, leaving me at 3. 
+Castigator sets Haley on fire. Errants charge Haley. I miss, miss miss with all the attacks. Set defense on defense 16 naturally is brutal. Meanwhile....Lancer is still alive... I gain another CP, leaving me at 4. 

Turn 7
-Nope, no dousing of fire this time. Haley dies to fire since she was already injured from earlier when the zealots killed the objective. 

Thoughts on game
Okay, what was with that lancer? Holy hell, it out survived EVERYTHING. It outsurvived the stormwall AND pHaley. I just literally couldn't kill it even after 5 turns of trying to hit it and damage it. We even joked he should just have swapped out the stormwall and brought in 3 more lancers. 

As for Vindictus, his tier list is interesting. I really like having AD jacks. I also like having 2 units of errants. Unfortunately, it doesn't really let me bring much of other types of troops, such as Bastions or even Knight Exemplars. This means I'm somewhat dependent on my jacks to crack heavy armor. 

His feat really requires some use to getting used to. Timing again is key for it, although it's much less effective against multi-wound units like in this game. Otoh, I love true path. A spell that gives +2" movement to my troops and pathfinder?? My zealots can now move 7" and shoot 10"? That's awesomeness right there. The only issue is that it's a pretty pricey spell to cast, especially since it's half of his focus and he'll always be upkeeping Defenders ward at least. As it is, at 6 focus, sometimes I feel like I'm struggling with him, to be able to cast the spells I want. If he moved to 7, it just feels like he would become much much more competitive.