Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Vindictus vs eIrusk

Haven't played against Khador in a while...


Errants with UA
Errants with UA
Errant Seneschal
Errant Seneschal
Min. Choir
Zealots with UA


Ironfang Pikemen with UA
Winterguard with UA and WA
Kovnik Joe
MOW Bombardiers
Iron Fang Kovnik

So we play Scenario #3 and he goes first. Since I've played all the units in his list before, I have a rough idea of what I can expect. I'm only really worried about his destroyer having Fire For Effect on it and landing a shot on Vindictus, which is why I'm going to make sure I have a zealot nearby at all times. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to the destroyer. The winterguard bob and weave up the left flank. Joe gives them tough and fearless. The IFK gives the IFP +2" movement and they shieldwall up the center of the map. The bombardiers run into the ruins on the right; which will prove disastrous for them later. Irusk gives the Destroyer FFE and walks up and energisers up again. Like really up. Kodiak runs up the center. Destroyer walks up and shoots and hits my jack but bounces off the armor. 
+Uh...Irusk is really really up for some reason. I give 1 focus to each Reckoner. Errants on the right run up into the zone. I cast defenders ward on the zealots on the right. I cast sacrifice on a zealot and give 1 focus to all jacks. I also feat for extra protection. Choir walks up and sings battle. Castigator runs up into the zone and out of the way of the Reckoners. Reckoners assault Irusk. On the first one I boost to hit and hit. I roll for damage and I roll 7. On the second one, I don't boost to hit since Irusk has been flared and I can comfortably hit him on a 6. I boost damage instead but roll 6. Ugh. No crits means Irusk isn't on fire either. Errants on left side run up towards the center zone. 

Turn 3
-Thankfully, I'm protected by impassable terrain, meaning it's impossible for his destroyer to charge me. His Kodiak can, but that probably means one dead Kodiak later on. Nonetheless, he tries. 3 focus to Kodiak. He upkeeps FFE for free. Irusk energisers his warjacks up but he moves backwards. The kodiak goes into my reckoner. He does not deal enough damage... The bombardiers walk up and shoot at my DWed Errants, killing some but not enough. The IFP charge my errants and mini-feat to move back into SW again. The destroyer is out of angle to charge so he moves towards the right and shoots at my warjack and hits. Deals a fair bit of damage thanks to FFE. The winterguard bob and weave up and try to shoot some of the errants on the left, which are much easier to hit since they don't have DW on them. Joe gives them tough.  
+Time to kill a Kodiak. I give 1 focus to each Reckoner. Errants on the right move up and shoot at the IFP and MOW bombardiers and most of the shots just bounce off the armor. Zealots run up and mini-feat. Vindictus walks up, making sure he has a zealot within 3" and casts sacrifice as well as true path.Castigator walks up and sets a few IFP on fire and kills them. Sets the Kodiak on fire too. One IFP makes his tough roll but an extra attack from a Castigator sets him right. My choir walk up 8" and sing battle. The two reckoners destroy the Kodiak. Errants on the left run towards the zone, moving away from the WGDS. I score 2 for dominating the zone. 

Turn 4
-He upkeeps FFE. Irusk walks up and casts battlelusts on the IFP. They charge my castigator and destroy it utterly. One of my Reckoners has his right arm go down as well. The bombardiers walk up but then realise they can't clear the rough terrain AND the linear obstacle right in front of them. So they're stuck there for the foreseeable future unless they run. They end up shooting at my DWed Errants on the right. The destroyer tries to shoot my damaged reckoner and deals more damage to it. WGDS bob and weave up and shoot up the errants on my left. 
+1 focus to each Reckoner. I upkeep DW. Errants on the left charge the WGDS and miss horribly. Even the Seneschal accompanying them misses. Wth. My Reckoners stand still and shoot Irusk. The first one with the crippled arm hits with a boosted shot and I deal a bit of damage. I crit too so Irusk is on fire. The other reckoner shoots and I don't boost because it's a 4 to hit. I...miss. Uh...ok. My errants walk up and bombard the bombardiers with their own volley of shots. THe errants on the right kill off most of the remaining pikemen. Vindictus stays where he is and camps most of his focus, while making sure there are zealots nearby to sac pawn to. I score another 2CP for dominating, leaving me at 4. 

Turn 5
-Irusk is still on fire. I need 6 to kill him. I roll...5.Irusk gives 3 focus to the Destroyer. Irusk casts AOD. The Bombardiers charge over the linear obstacle and kill some zealots. The destroyer charges into the damaged reckoner and finishes it off. WGDS walk and shoot some more errants on the left side. I was suggesting he spray since it would catch more errants but he doesn't. Joe gives them fearless and tough.
+3 focus to Reckoner. I only have one jack so casting sacrifice is pointless. My zealots move up and bombard most of the bombardiers again. Errants charge the destroyer and the WGDS. I roll insanely high on one guy. The dice was 6,6,6,5. That's 12 points of damage right there on the destroyer. The choir sing battle and the reckoner kills off the Destroyer. Now I have one more Bombardier left in the zone but Vindictus charges him and turns him into a zealot. I dominate for 2 more CP, giving me the win. 

Thoughts on game
We did test to see if Irusk would die to fire next turn. He didn't put out the fire but I rolled...3 on my fire damage roll, bouncing off his armor...
My opponent did the right thing by killing off my castigator. While the Reckoners have slightly higher killing power, the Castigator would have minced up his IFP utterly. I was mentioning that perhaps a mortar crew would have been much better than a destroyer. Or even Behemoth. His WGDS were also too far off to the side to do much. They would have been much better served if they had come up the center instead. Considering I had no AOEs except the very very short range zealots, I would have just walked up in a huge clump of troops.