Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Attack of the Swampgators

Or otherwise known as pSorscha + Conquest VS Gatormen. Btw, I'm just going to say this. I HATE SWAMPS.


MOW Drakhun
Black Dragon fang pikemen

-Ironback spitter
-Ironback spitter

Min Gator Posse
Max Gator Posse

I win deployment so I go first. We play killbox.

Turn 1
-I decide to run everything up since I know he's out of range and shooting him is going to be fairly useless. I cast fog of war and move up.
+He shoots at my Drakhun with the Spitter and boosts the damage and 1 SHOTS it >_<.  Drakhun is now dismounted. There goes one plan to connect with him early on. Rest of shooting on IFP.

Turn 2
-I charge his gatormen and kill some. Not enough to matter. Drakhun runs up. Most of his units are in swamps which makes it so they can not be targeted by range. This is horribly bad for Conquest, who's slower than them. I move up Conquest to screen Sorscha from his feat if he decides to use it. 
+He kills the drakhun again with his spitter. His gatormen make short work of the IFP with their rerolls.

Turn 3
-I use Sylyss to make Sorscha roll an additional die for magic attacks; drop the lowest, and then freeze his gatormen. Reinholdt gives her an extra attack. Sorscha pops out, freezes a gatormen not in combat, shoots him 2x with pow 12s and then pops back in. She doesn't kill anyone but that's not her job. She basically makes it so that Conquest can shoot them easily with twin linked guns. I manage to crit a pair of them, throwing them 6" backwards and out of command range. 
+ He kills the rest of my IFP and tries to shoot conquest. He boosts and does a fair bit of damage.
Turn 4
-I do the same thing again with Sorscha. Thankfully the gatormen's defense is only 12 -_- which means they're really easy to hit if they're not engaged. Conquest pops a few more of them. Meanwhile, I'm also inching Conquest forward to be able to charge his units. Mechaniks heal Conquest up to near-full (1 damage on it)
+He shoots, kills a few mechaniks but not enough. His units are stuck between frozen and out of command range. 

Turn 5
-This has turned into a very blood war of attrition. I'm healing up my conquest  every turn but if he keeps shooting, he'll eventually outdamage my healing. Sorscha does her thing and kills a few more gatormen.
+His gatormen charges a mechanik and kills it. He gets a free advance to move close to me. 

Turn 6
-The last gatormen finally dies. I'm out of range for 2/3 of his warbeasts but I remember he has warpath up. I use Sorscha to advance out of his range and then run everything backwards so he can't get a free kill.
+Turns out I underestimated the distance needed. He manages to get range to my mechanik(just barely, aaargh, should have run him back further) and then a spitter kills it. This causes the wrassler to move forward and charge so he's now in range. Followed by his other spitter. However, the two of them are not enough to kill it. OTOH, I no longer have any mechaniks to repair Conquest. This is IT.

Turn 7
-I finally decide to use my feat. We both haven't used our feat yet because we've been waiting for the right turn. His feat is useless if he can't KD Conquest and he can't draw LOS to me. I move up, feat, catch everyone in my feat and then shoot Barnabas twice. I fail to do much damage but he does transfer some to a spitter. Conquest activates, beats the wrassler into submission with 2 hits and then proceeds to roll 1,2 and 1,1, on his damage rolls against the nearby spitter. WTF.
+1 spitter frenzies but is still frozen. The other spitter tries to beat Conquest. Doesn't kill it. Barnabas decides to charge in and beat Conquest. They came this close to killing Conquest. He only had 2 hp left but ironically still had cortex and right arm up. 

Turn 8
-This is IT! There is no turning back now. I can't hide. Barnabas has IF on him so his defense is godly high but more importantly, he's also DRY. I decide to risk it all. Reinholdt gives lucky charms to Sorscha. Sorscha charges in to Barnabas, boosts damage and prays to hit a stationary. I roll 6,6,4,4. It's a crit! Barnabas is stationary! Sorscha and Conquest with 3 focus on it and a working right arm, then proceeds to beat the crap out of Barnabas. 

Thoughts on game
I just realise that I actually didn't need to pray for a stationary. Since I can cast spells in melee, it might have been better to charge Barnabas, cast Tempest so it can't deviate more than 0.5" and since it's an AOE4, it's guaranteed to KD Barnabas. Sorscha would be KD as well but that would be when Conquest would go in and beat Barnabas's face in. 

Basically, I don't think this was a good matchup for Conquest since swamps basically negate one huge part of Conquests appeal. Which is the 15" critical devastation gun. Otoh, my opponent also thinks this is a bad matchup for him cause Gators have a hard time cracking through so much armor. 

What I really felt bad about was losing my mounted Drakhun on the very first turn of the game. I don't think I played him too aggressively but rolling 14 damage on boosted dice rolls to auto kill him is ugh -_-. Just bad luck on my side.