Saturday, 11 August 2012

eSorscha + Conquest vs Skorne

This is the game in which I earn the title of 'luck sack' -_-


Black Dragon fang pikemen
Aiyana and Holt
Doomreavers with UA

-Bronzeback Titan
-Titan Sentry
-Titan Gladiator
-Cyclops Savage

Min unit of Nihilators
Extoller Soulward

He goes first.

Turn 1
-He runs his units up, especially his nihilators, which are now very forward. He casts ashen veil on them, making them harder to hit at -2 to attack rolls against them.
+I charge his nihilators with my doomreavers. Surprisingly, even with Ashen veil on, I manage to kill most of them. Conquest walks up to take a boosted shot at a titan, hits with a critical and manages to throw it and a nihilator back. Nihilator dies after colliding with the bronzeback while the titan takes a bit of damage. Everything else runs except Sorscha who casts IF on the pikemen

Turn 2
-He tries to get rid of some doomreavers but I make a few tough rolls. He then decides to get rid of my Greylord escort but misses with the extoller. In the end, the bronzeback moves up and throws the extoller at the Greylord. Hits and instagibs him. He casts ashen veil on the bronzeback. 
-I move up and feat with eSorscha, catching most of his units in the feat. I then charge with the doomies but they do not do much. IFP charge as well but they miss most of the time due to the sentry having set defense and the bronzeback having ashen veil on. I do 1 shot the cyclops savage with 1 pikemen, leaving the others which charged it with nothing to do. Conquest runs up to try and shield eSorscha since I had moved her out too in front and I had a premonition he would be able to easily charge me next turn if I didn't shield her. 

Turn 3
-He upkeeps blackspot on the IFP and ashenveil. He then charges with Hexeris to thresher some IFP + doomies. Sentry with overtake on it then proceeds to slaughter the IFP, with blackspot giving him an extra attack when he kills a pikemen and then buying several more attacks. He basically wipes out my entire IFP squad by himself. The gladiator charges Conquest, damaging it but not killing it and is frozen in return. The bronzeback charges and finishes the job. 
+I'm in a very very very bad position here. All I have left is Aiyana and Holt and eSorscha and the IFP standard. I consider conceeding for a moment but decide to take the long shot and try to assassinate his caster. The Sentry is full on fury but the bronzeback and the gladiator both have 1 fury free and Hexeris has 2 fury left. It's just enough to transfer 2 times. Aiyana and Holt move up and Aiyana uses the kiss on Hexeris and hits. Holt then tries to shoot Hexeris several times but keeps failing. Sorscha cyclones up and then charges Hexeris. I boost to hit, hoping to crit and surprisingly, I do crit. Hexeris is now frozen. I roll for charge damage and it comes up with 13. He decides to transfer. I buy another attack and roll 10. He decides to transfer again. Now he has 17 life and I have 2 focus left. I'm rolling at -1 to damage basically. I buy a second attack and roll a 9. He has 9 life left. I then buy my last attack and roll double 5s. My opponent is stunned. 

Thoughts on game
So what was a supremely long shot ended up coming true in the end. Considering he still had 3 titans left and I only had Sorscha, Aiyana and Holt, I was all but ready to concede. 
I ended up running Conquest forward to protect Sorscha, which may or may not have been the right choice. He definitely would have been able to charge me next turn if he had cleared out my IFP and I have no confidence of even a def 19 Sorscha with IF on being able to weather the bronzebacks boostable attacks. But then it also ended up with the Conquest being scrapped so easily    -_- I hate Skorne warbeasts btw. On the other hand, I could have tried to hit the Titan with a boosted attack roll and hope to crit and throw it back several inches but that would have been a delaying tactic and a very iffy one at that since it would have required me to crit. 
I think I basically do not have enough bodies to take advantage of Sorscha's feat. One unit of IFP isn't going to cut it, especially when they can miss at times and I may have to take 2 full units of infantry instead of just a six man squad of doomies. That or I need to wait till feat turn to commit the doom reavers so that they can benefit from charge bonus. 
As expected, Sorschas warjack bond is useful on the conquest because it ensures that at least 1 warjack/warbeast will be locked down/frozen because most of the time, 1 single heavy isn't going to be enough to kill it.