Tuesday, 14 August 2012

pVlad + Conquest VS Legion

My 2nd game testing out the pVlad list since I felt that the first time, Conquest really died too quickly to actually be able to tell whether he synergised with Vlad or not. It's also the game in which I learn about Dark Sentinel and how it can NOT make your units fail their charge.

Black Dragon Fang pikemen
MOW Bombardiers


Swamp Gobber bellows crew
Max Spawning vessel
Max Legionnaires

I win deployment so I go first

Turn 1
-All my units run up. 
+His units move up and he takes a few potshots with Ravagore.

Turn 2
-Give 3 focus to Conquest, cast sign and portents. My bombardiers shoot at the legionnaires but since they're base to base, they're also very hard to kill with blast damage. Conquest shoots as well but fails to crit but does deviate onto Vayl. She transfers to Typhon. IFP run up to try and shield Conquest from the enemies. 
+Legionnaires charge and kill the first row of bombardiers. Ravagore shoots and misses. Typhon sprays some pikemen and kill them, leaving the way open for Scythean to come in and try to kill the conquest. Vayl moves up and feats. Scythean charges Conquest, hits and takes off roughly 1/2 of its life but it's still up. They then move away due to the feat. 

Turn 3
-3 focus to Conquest and I cast Signs and Portents again. My IFP move up to kill the legionnaires engaging the bombardiers. Then because I want to kill the scythean this turn; due to the fact it's the only model in range to charge me, I move the bombardiers up and shoot the scythean. I'm out of charge range and I'm counting on signs and portents to bump my damage up. It works somewhat. Then Conquest shoots the scythean with both twin-linked guns. I do enough pinging damage; boosting 1 of the pow 12s, so that the scythean dies. With that in mind, I shoot the spawning vessel. I boost to hit, hoping to crit but I don't. I boost damage on the spawning vessel as it has 10hp and armor 18 and roll well enough with S&P on that I kill it. Apparently all the vessel models then die once it's dead. 
+He pops another shredder from the vessel and brings it out. They charge and kill the remaining bombardiers. Typhon moves up and sprays a few more pikemen to death. He sends the last legionnaire to block Conquests way and blocks LOS to Typhon from my IFP with the sole surviving gobbler.

Turn 4
-3 focus to conquest, S&P on. I feat with Vlad. IFP clear out the remaining legionnaire, freeing Conquests way and 2 engage the shredders as I don't want to kill them; letting him get free fury. Vayl only has 1 fury on her. Conquest charges Typhon since his 3" AOE doesn't block LOS to typhon from Conquest. I reach into melee HOWEVER my opponent uses dark sentinel to move Typhon out of reach and then says I failed charge. It doesn't work that way -_- as ruled by an infernal but at the time, we went with his interpretation. Just fyi, for a charge to succeed you only need to end movement within melee range of the charge target. Dark Sentinel says when enemy model ends its movement within 5" of Vayl, one of Vayls warbeast can move.Anyway, Conquest had 3 focus left on him. 
+Typhon eats Conquest. This is not a surprise. Conquest was sort of half dead already at this point. He then kills 2 more IFP with his shredders and Ravagore tries to shoot stuff but misses again. 

Turn 5
-Cast S&P and windwall on myself just to screw with the warbeasts. IFP charge Typhon and down it. It only had 8 hp left. 
+The remaining IFP die in horrible ways to the shredder + Ravagore.
Turn 6
-Blood of Kings on myself. I walk up to Vayl; ignoring all freestrikes and then proceed to beat her. She dies. Horribly.

Thoughts on game
This is the 2nd game in a ROW where I've had to use Blood of Kings'ed Vlad to go up and beat the crap out of the enemy warcaster because my entire army is pretty much dead. Apparently, this is just how pVlad rolls according to some of the more experienced players -_- I managed to at least prevent myself from losing Conquest in the 2nd turn this time around and with S&P on, Conquests twin-linked guns were very instrumental in killing the Scythean. It's like 'finally a use for them!' Although to be fair, I have used them to shoot low def high armor troops before to ping them to death.

Bombardiers; even with S&P on, are still fairly mediocre. It's more of an issue with range than anything else. That and the fact you can not boost their attack rolls. Ideally, I should have switched them out with Demo Corps because those models will kill stuff. 

As for Conquest, it's almost imperative you bring mechanics with you whenever possible. There's nothing worse than not being able to repair your 19pt model cause you have no mechanics. It's hard to take down but within 2 rounds max, enemies CAN take it down. 

Ideally, I would have loved to be able to smack Vayl with S&P on and 3 focus on Conquest. I think 1 shot would pretty much have instagibbed her.