Monday, 13 August 2012

pVlad + Conquest VS Circle

Time to test out pVlad with the Conquest. It seems like with pVlads feat (warjacks get double speed), I may be able to send Conquest into the enemy to do some serious damage. 


Black Dragon fang pikemen
MOW Bombardiers

-Winter Argus
-Warpwolf stalker
-Pureblood Warpwolf

That is a LOT of killing power right there in that circle list. There's so much killing power it's scary. 

I'm kind of boned because his army has army-wide stealth which means MOW bombardiers? Kinda useless. Conquest? Yeah, somewhat useless.

Anyway, he wins deployment and he goes first.

Turn 1
-He runs up
+I underestimate the distance and charge conquest towards the pureblood, hoping to kill it and then beat on Ghetorix. Sadly, I'm out of reach to Ghetorix and I miss 4/5 attacks with conquest. 

Turn 2
-He feats with Kaya. Several MOWs and Conquest dies. 
+Right...I just lost 19 points without even inflicting any damage yet. This is horribly bad. I cast S&P. MOW Bombardiers move up to try and take a pot shot at eKaya. At this point, I'm trying for assassination, hoping to hit her with a bombard with S&P up. They miss but do a bit of damage which she transfers. Pikemen charge the stalker and Ghetorix. They kill the stalker and KD Ghetorix.

Turn 3
-Right, because Ghetorix had primal cast on it before, it auto frenzies this turn. But it's KDed...which means it basically does nothing. Phew. His pureblood moves up to spray several units. His Gorax kills some IFP. Kaya teleports Laris back to her, giving up on the assassination run this turn. 
+S&P is cast again. The pureblood and Ghetorix die on my turn. MOW try to shoot Kaya but fail again. 

Turn 4
-He kills more MOW and IFP with argus and gorax. 
+I charge with Vladmir and blood of kings on. I kill Laris and then try to take down Kaya. No, she transfers most of it but at the end of it, I'm dry and she has 4 hp left.

Turn 5
-His gorax comes up to try and beat me but fails to hit def 18. Good thing too cause I was dry. Kaya tries and fails as well.
+With blood of kings on, Vladmir happily walks past the gorax and then beats Kaya's face in. 

Thoughts on game
Well, from losing 19 points (ie. 1/2 my army) needlessly in the 2nd round, I think I managed to come back pretty well. It really helped that I KDed Ghetorix when he had primal on so that when it frenzied, it did nothing...And then the rest of my IFP went in to finish him the next turn. So once his heavy warbeasts were dead, all he had left were Ghorax and the 2 arguses, which made it a lot easier for me to control.

Plus S&P is kind of b0rken, especially with low mat, critical KD units like the IFP. Instead of giving 3 focus to the jack,I may have just given 1, cast boundless charge, and then S&P which would have greatly increased my chances of hitting. Probably could have 2 shot the Pureblood if I did hit 2x. 

Blood of Kings with parry however is...kind of sick at times -_-