Sunday, 12 August 2012

Nasi Lemak Kukus

908 Upper Thomson Road
Right, so I managed to drop by this place near my house for dinner. It was convenient and I really didn't want to travel too far for a simple meal.

Right, basically it's a fairly simple establishment, nothing fancy at all. You can order from their set meals, or a burger, or you can order ala carte which is sort of like economical rice in that you take rice and then choose what you want from the portions laid out on the counter. The price is more expensive than what you would typically find in a food court but the food is fairly decent. They have a policy of free-flow of rice and sambal, which is weird because frankly, who eats that much rice anyway??

Another strange thing about the shop is that it only opens from 6pm to 3am. So that means it's pretty much only possible to have dinner/supper at this place. Which would be why I've never eaten at this place before despite it having been around for quite a while. 

So I ordered their dory fish set. I'll say this much, the rice is quite nice. It has that authentic nasi lemak taste to it, and when coupled with the sambal provided, it's tasty. The fish is nice as well though too thickly breaded for my taste. It's soft and tender and makes me feel it would been better if it hadn't been breaded at all. The egg that they serve you is thick, unless most nasi lemak places which serve you thin slices of scrambled egg -_-. 

TL;DR, yeah, I probably would go back again. It's convenient to go to and the food is decent and cheap enough that I would go there if I wanted to have a quick meal.