Friday, 24 August 2012

Old Witch + Scrapjack done

Man, had these models lying around for a while *hint, before the colossals* but I put them off to do the colossals instead -_-

So I tried to paint her in an old 'obaasan' type of manner, hence the plainer, drab colors. The only thing she has on her that hints at her allegiance to Khador is her red cloak. It's a must for every Khadoran warcaster apparently -_- Btw, the hand? They're a bitch to glue together.

And here's her loyal servant; Scrapjack. This one was easier to paint but no less of a bitch to glue together. He's missing a crow on top of him, because this was how I got him from the guy who sold it to me 2nd hand. 

Also, might have assembled it wrongly. Guy looks like he's about to fall down. 
And lastly, group shot.