Friday, 17 August 2012

Charge of the Horselords

Or otherwise known as Vlad3 vs eFeora

Vlad 3

Max Uhlans
Kovnik Markov
2x Doomreavers


Choir of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Covenant of Menoth
Daughters of the flame

Yay, an entirely shooting army vs an army with no shooting at all. Right, I win deployment and I go first. I make a bit of a mistake with my deployment, deploying Vlad3 behind the Uhlans when he should be right in front with them. This causes me to end up blocking my own charge lanes later. 

Turn 1
-Vlad activates first, casts Dash, casts Infernal machine on Drago, casts Hand of Fate on the uhlans, moves up but is blocked by the line of Uhlans in front of him. Doomies run 14 and say 'boo' to his daughters of flame. 1 squad of them stays further behind. Uhlans run, as does Drago
+Lots and lots of shooting. Daughters charge 1 unit of doomreavers and pretty much kill all of them. 

Turn 2
-Vlad casts dash again. Uhlans run up while sending 1 guy to engage the warjacks to prevent them from shooting. Doomies charge the daughters but bad die rolls mean that they fail to kill all of them. Fenris charges the Vanquisher nearby, impacting and killing 1 daughter on his way. Does not do enough damage to down it. 
+He kills the lone uhlan blocking his way. His units continue shooting. Fenris is killed by the Redeemer and the daughters. 

Turn 3
-Feat turn! Vlad casts dash, feats and the uhlans + Markov charge into the warjacks on the left side of the table. They manage to down 1.9 (last warjack only TWO boxes left, ugh). Drago with 3 focus on it charges the redeemer on the right and kills it and the two daughters as well. 
+The rest of my Uhlans die horribly to the jacks. He moves his redeemer up to try and shoot but misses.

Turn 4
-Drago charges the redeemer and kills it and some choir members and runs riot and moves back 1" at the end of it. Vlad casts HoF on himself and moves up to make sure he can counter charge whatever is coming up. 
+The Reckoner 'recks' Drago. Then the rest of his units move up to try and block Vlad from the Reckoner. 

Turn 5
-I upkeep hand of fate. I charge into the reckoner, impacting a few of the models in my way. They die and satisfy Vlad3s blood quench. He is now even stronger! I go in, stab with my spear at the reckoner. Deal some damage. I hit the choir nearby with my sword, kill it and get another blood token. I cast flashing blade several times to get rid of the ANNOYING Covenant of Menoth. I choose not to camp focus mostly because his Reckoner is still fairly healthy and I rather it DIES now along with the book. I kill the book finally but not the Reckoner; although it's fairly crippled. I decide to camp the focus and I have 3 blood tokens and 2 focus left. 
+The reckoner decides to try and walk away to shoot me, hoping to hit me with -2 def. He takes a free strike which ends up wrecking him. 14 damage on 3d6. Lol. Feora decides to try and assassinate Vlad than wait for him to come to her.  She casts firestep to get out of all the rough terrain, charges, boosts to hit and rolls...6. She needs 8 to connect. Buys several attacks but in the end, Vlad takes 4 points of damage.

Turn 6
-"This is for my Uhlans!!" Vlad3 screams as he walks to Feora and then flashing blades to kill an adjacent vassal of Menoth and hit Feora at the same time. With that done and having +1 STR now, he proceeds to stomp on Feora. The first hit with his horse does critical KD at which point Feora is basically fragged. Especially with HoF still up.

Thoughts on game
Okay, this is the THIRD game in a row where I've played a Vlad and it's always ended up with them being the last one on board and them killing the enemy caster in hand to hand combat. What's up with that? 

That being said, I screwed up my formation setting up. I could have been much faster but because of the formation, I ended up blocking my own lanes to advance. I could have been in range to charge him by turn 2 but had to delay to turn 3 because of that screw up. But it's the first game with Vlad and cavalry and frankly, I'm not used to my units being so frigging fast. It's a rush. 

It's good thing I killed the Covenant too, since with it around, I probably wouldn't have been able to KD Feora.