Monday, 6 August 2012

Conquest + 2 GunCarriages vs LKreoss

Here's the 2nd of my Conquest batreps with the various casters of Khador. To be honest, this is a really really crack list and you shouldn't be playing this unless a) you're probably an utter troll, b)you're really bored and want to try something new or c)a little bit of both

Gun Carriage x 2
Mechaniks x 2


Rhupert Carvolo
Covenant of Menoth
Knights Exemplar
Exemplar Errant w/ UA
Choir of Menoth

Right, I win deployment and I choose to go first.

Turn 1
-I walk up and pop a few rough terrains on the table. I'm out of range for the main guns so I lay down a few creeping/useless barrages. 
+I watch as his exemplars pretty much just walk through the useless barrages, failing to kill even one. 

Turn 2
-Right, I upkeep FFE on 1 GC, drop tactical supremacy, allocate 3 to stormwall and then keep 3. First GC activates and with FFE on, hits and splatters a few of the exemplars. Second shot goes to try and make more rough terrain. Stormwall activates, walks up and then shoots a few exemplars. He crits with a boosted attack roll, hits 3 of them and sends them flying backwards into the jack. They all die horribly. I activate mechaniks to get into position then charge one of them with eIrusk. He hits but mechaniks make their tough save and then Irusk feats, catching almost everything in his control area. He cycles FFE onto the other GC who then activates and tries to shoot Kreoss and hits but shieldguard has the devout take the impact. Meanwhile, more rough terrain is made. 
+Most of his units are caught within my feat area. His exemplars have no choice but to try and move up normally to hit me except they're out of reach for most of them. One does manage to hit a mechanic though but I manage to roll tough. Instead, he positions himself so that he blocks most of my lanes while keeping his units back. 

Turn 3
-My battle engines do a drive by shooting, clearing the rest of the annoying weaponmasters out of my way. In hindsight, I should have used the leftmost one to trample all the way to block his jacks from moving while advancing up myself. I move back with Irusk but accidentally leave myself too far out which he takes advantage of.
+The reckoner moves up and shoots me, boosts to hit and hits and rolls amazingly well. Like 15 on 3d6. That's flat damage to me and I'm on fire. Then Kreoss charges up and crevasses Irusk and kills him.

Thoughts on game
Right, so where did I go wrong? Other than just putting Irusk out there way in the open for no reason. It's very strong considering I could have easily moved the conquest back to cover him. Brainfart I guess, especially since I had cleared almost all his pesky weaponmaster infantry. 

There were several things that basically didn't go well during this game. 3 large bases is frankly a bit too few units to manage, to the extent where I was hesitant to commit because I didn't want to lose a 9 point or even worse, Conquest so I had to keep maneuvering about to keep the opponent off-guard and not within charge range. However, he basically shut down Conquest with the choir that basically said "no, no shooting". Let's face it, with Conquests' gun, you want to be shooting jacks ideally or large easy to hit targets. With Conquest, basically I think aiyana and holt are a MUST include because if the opponent can just prevent you from shooting your big gun at the necessary targets, you're kinda screwed. The linked guns don't do enough; creeping barrage is still useless, and unless you're fighting a super tough infantry model, pow12 on a hit is usually enough to kill it. If not, pow6 on a miss probably isn't. 

Another issue was the covenant of Menoth. Now THAT'S a unit I could see the linked gun being useful for, considering the damn thing only takes 1 damage at most from ANYTHING and has 5 hp. The fact that it prevents knockdown is a huge thing, especially the way I play. 

Overall, I also need to start using eIrusk's feat in more aggressive way instead of just using it as denial. Perhaps using it to move up in an aggressive manner while the opponent can not run away so that my slow units are within charge range of his other units the next turn.