Saturday, 18 August 2012

Conquest Done

So I finally received my right leg from PP and I managed to finish painting Conquest. He was a real pain to magnetize, mostly cause his arms are FRIGGING HEAVY.

As usual, I painted him in steps, with the torso, legs and arms being separately painted.

And then I magnetized it so that the arms could be removed. Again, this is to make it more portable for my KR casing. 1 magnet couldn't really cut it so I had to use 3 together -_-

However, the magnets I'm using are quite thin and break quite easily apparently. 

After I was done, then I glued the Torso onto the legs. That's on portion that I don't really feel like magnetizing due to the weight distribution of the model.

And finally, the full model is done. Seriously, after looking at the model, there's no way this look like an armor 20 only model. This thing is RUGGED and looks like it should at least be armor 22 if not 23.