Thursday, 8 November 2012


Sin Ming Centre
8 Sin Ming Road #01-03
Singapore 575628

Yet another ice-cream shop. I suppose it says something that I seem to be going to a lot of different ice cream shops -_-

The shop was fairly cosy, though a bit deserted at the time. Which was 8pm. But then again, it was sort of in the middle of nowhere, and I'm really surprised to see an ice cream shop there. It seemed to be the only shop that was still open in that particular shopping centre. 

I ordered 2 scoops, pink summer and dark chocolate. After a few scoops, I noticed something was different about this particular ice cream. This was when my friend clued me in. Apparently, this ice cream wasn't made with milk or eggs...
Instead, it was made with brown rice. Say what? Yes, brown rice. No milk or eggs. Instead it was supposed to be a pure vegan ice cream. This would explain the new age vibe I got from the store, and how there were so many 'organic' things around and the organic water/cereal they were selling in one corner of the shop. 

So how was it? Well, the taste was okay though it was slightly grainy, which may be from the fact it's made from brown rice. Was it different enough from normal ice cream that I would purposely go back there again? Probably not.  Although I'll admit I am curious about HOW they made ice cream from brown rice.