Saturday, 3 November 2012

Vlad3 charges Hoarluk

Third time's the charm they say....


Doomreavers with escort

-Pyre Troll

Kriel Stone Scribes

I wins deployment. It's scenario #1.

Turn 1
-I run most of my units up. Hand of Fate goes on the Uhlans and Infernal machine on Drago.
+He runs his stuff up and pops a stone wall in front of his beasts.

Turn 2
-I walk up a few widowmakers and take pot shots at his stonescribes. The doomreavers go up to control his point and I make sure to space them out so that he can't kill all of them with 1 guy. Cavalry move back a bit to try and prevent Mulg from reaching them.
+Pyre Troll and Impaler walk up to kill a few doomies. I make tough on one of them. His earthborn walks up and kills 2 widowmakers and casts his animus on Mulg to give him a bonus to speed. Janissa tries to kill the widowmakers but fails and is far enough that her AOE can deviate more than 2". Hoarluk feats and Mulg runs up and kills several Uhlans. Turns out they're not far back enough. 

Turn 3
-Drago gets 3 focus. The doomreavers charge the pyretroll and impaler and off the pyretroll. Vlad activates and feats. Drago charges Mulg and kills it and then sprints away, leaving the Uhlans free to take down the impaler. Fenris charges Hoarluk who transfers the charge attack. My widowmakers walk up and finish Hoarluk off.

Thoughts on game
My opponent didn't really play his list aggressively enough until I forced him to come out and contest a point with me. Although the list is a very formidable one, he probably wasn't too sure how to use it due to it being a sort of netlist that he got.

Generally I'm finding Vlad works better as a support caster rather than a full frontal assassination caster. Maybe because he doesn't have a critical freeze reach weapon or because his base power is usually only 12.