Friday, 23 November 2012

The Walking Dead Video Game S1

So the walking dead s1 finale was finally released yesterday. How was the series in general? Warning, spoilers abound. 

In general, one of the issues I've had with Adventure games is that they're somewhat low on replayability. I mean,you play it once and chances are, you don't need to play it a second time because nothing really changes. So does that hold true for The Walking Dead?

Well, yes and no. I mean, this is a game that states before every game that your choices will affect the gameplay of the game. So do they? Short answer; No. Long answer, they do but not in any significant way. It's like they let you make a choice between pepsi or coke but then give you dr. pepper instead. So yes, there is the illusion of choice but to be honest, none of your choices will matter. People who will die, WILL die. This is evident in episode 1, when I tried to save the farmer's son. Nope, couldn't do it because the redneck didn't help me and concentrated on saving his son instead. 'Hmm, what if I save his son first so that he doesn't have to worry about his child and helps me save the farmer?' I thought. Maybe that would work. Nope, didn't change ONE DAMN thing. The guy still ran off with his kid. So yes, that's the depth of the 'choices' you get in The Walking Dead. Some dialogue changes but in the end, nothing really matters.

With that done, how is the storyline? Well, putting aside the fact that the zombies in the game are dumb and slow as fuck and I have severe reservations about them being to enact a zombie apocalypse of any kind because they can't climb up ladders, which would mean humanity would be safe if we just sealed the damn zombies in the sewer or something. It's a standard zombie apocalypse scenario, except one in which humans are useless, the military is useless, nuclear bombs are useless and most of our choices involve suicide or dying by zombies. Yeah, I mean, it's such a crapsack world that eventually your brain has to stop and go 'Okay, that's it. I can't feel the crapsackness anymore' and just stops feeling for the characters. 

That being said, I expected Lee to die; especially once he was bitten by the zombies. I mean, in this sort of scenario, there really is NO WAY for Lee to survive. That being said, wtf is wrong with these dumbasses? Why isn't anyone staying on that damn belltower in episode 5 and ringing the bell while everyone else goes to rescue Clementine. Heck, he can even escape once they're done; either by signalling him with a signal or giving him a timeframe. Or they could go back to get him. I mean, that would be safer than 'let's all ring the bell and then run to the marsh house to save the little girl'.

That's not even mentioning the horrible 'villain' of the series; Campman. I can't really take him seriously as a proper villain and he comes off more as a 'deus ex' plothole written by the authors. It's like they wanted him to go through every single choice you made in the game and then have you say 'Oh hey, this is where my choices mattered. In my 5 minute long conversation with a ridiculous villain'. No, it doesn't work that way -_- That's not even mentioning some of the things he accuses you of; like bringing the little girl into a farm full of psychopath hillbilly redneck cannibals. Dude, you had NFI they were cannibals in the first place since they acted normal, htf is that your fault? Plus, where the hell was he the entire time during episodes 2-4? Just hiding all the way behind and stalking you? Seriously, I'm supposed to buy that? It's so damn hard for a group of people to survive in the show and this guy manages to survive by himself and still have time to stalk you? WTF. 

So in the end, was the game worth it? Sure, if it's on sale on steam. Because frankly, I doubt you'd be playing it more than once anyway.