Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Vlad3 vs eThragrosh

Eyeless Sight, how I hate thee. And thy ability to shoot me from BEHIND a forest.





During the game, I forgot that the doomreavers were supposed to come with an escort. Not that it would have helped much since I can't make tough rolls for nuts. I win deployment so I go first. SR scenario 11; Bunkers.

Turn 1
-Hands of fate on Uhlans. Infernal Machine on Drago. Everything else runs up. Widowmakers run up to control the point. 
+He runs up and pops a shot at Fenris with one Carnivean. It's just out of range.

Turn 2
-Carnivean then dies to 3 doomreavers hitting it in the face. Widowmakers pop the shredder with some really good rolls on damage. Everything else just moves into position, hoping to be able to charge some stuff next turn. 
+He shoots my doomreavers from behind the forest. The Forsaken charges the widowmakers, killing one and scaring the other. Thragrosh moves up to kill 1 Uhlan, blocking LOS to him with a cloud.

Turn 3
-I kill the forsaken, scoring a point for controlling the area this turn. He doesn't have one cause I'm contesting his zone with the Uhlans. I also charge Thragrosh with 2 Uhlans, which was a mistake since he pops a shredder from it. Fenris charges Typhon hoping to kill it/badly damage it. Not happening. Vlad moves away from Thragrosh.
+Fenris gets killed by Typhon. He blocks me from controlling the zone with the sole Carny and Typhon. He then takes the zone with Thragrosh, killing the rest of my Uhlans in the process. His shredder charges vlad and does a fair bit of damage due to the buffs.  He gets a point. We're tied now. 1 more to win. 

Turn 4
-I have a brain fart this turn. I kill the Carnivean and Typhon with Markov and Drago and Vlad. But for some reason, I don't go and contest his zone. We both score a point, which means we're tied and the game goes on. But the next turn, he can just run his shredder into my zone, contest it and since his zone is uncontested, he gets 1 more point than me which gives him the win. Seeing that, I concede. 

Thoughts on game
You know how sometimes you're playing a game and you get a bit too 'axe to face'? Yeah...That's kinda what happened here. But I'm Khadoran! We regret nothing! Especially not AXE TO FACE!
 I think my biggest mistakes were hitting Thragrosh when I couldn't kill him, allowing him to spawn a shredder and then not contesting the zone, which I could have by sending Markov there Or even Vlad. Drago could have taken both the Carnivean and Typhon out by himself probably, considering Typhon was damaged already. Or he could have SPRINTED there since he killed a living unit.