Friday, 9 November 2012

Conquest vs eSorscha

Nyss with Iron Flesh on... At least they're not tough -_-


Winterguard with UA
Aiyana and Holt
Kovnik Joe
Koldun Lord

-Beast 09

Nyss with Valachev

Right, I win deployment so I get to go first. I forget which SR scenario this is but it involves a destroyable objective on the opponents side of the table.

Turn 1
-Fortune on Conquest, Escort on Harkevich. Everything else runs up. Note the huge forests in the middle.
+He runs up as well. 
Turn 2
-Right, Harkevich broadsides to try and kill off some pesky eEiryss but fails. He hides within the forest, thinking he's safe. Oh how wrong I was. Koldun Lord gives Conquest a focus. Conquest moves backwards a bit out of Behemoth's threat range and shoots it. WGDS keeps advancing under bob and weave.
+Hmm. I have a brainfart moment where I forget Nyss hunters ignore Forests for LOS. -_- Sorscha feats and several of them CRA on Harkevich. However, this is not enough to kill him since he's armor 20 at this moment. He's also wasted the feat turn since Beast09 and Spriggan both aren't in range to charge Conquest nor can they see Harkevich. eEiryss finally manages to reach Conquest. Gorman keeps moving up. 

Turn 3
-Winterguard spray most of the Nyss to death. Harkevich feats to give Conquest the +3 Armor and the charge for free. Koldun Lord gives Conquest a focus since eEiryss doesn't stop that. Conquest charges Beast09 for free thanks to feat, gets to shoot at the Nyss again thanks to feat, utterly pulverises Beast 09 and then sits pretty at 23 armor. I almost missed my attack roll but Fortune took care of that. Pretty much almost all the Nyss are dead now.
+Gorman hits Conquest with a rust bomb. I don't really know why, although I'm not sure black oil would have been much better. Spriggan charges Conquest but I still have an armor bonus even after deducting the penalty from rust bomb. Needless to say, Conquest is alive though even if he feated, he wouldn't have had enough damage to kill Conqust. eSorscha tries to freezing grip the Winterguard but fails even with boosts from Sylyss and Reinholdt. She then retreats further and casts IF on herself.

Turn 4
- Aiyana tries to hit Sorscha with a kiss but fails. Holt stands still and actually hits Sorscha once. My WGDS gets boosted attack rolls and everyone moves up to shoot eSorscha in the face. Her defense is 21 in the forest and I really really don't want to miss.  I've lost like maybe 1-2 winterguards in this entire scenario and I CRA her with everything I have. The combined CRA manages to 1 shot her. 

Thoughts on game
My opponent played a very risky game with trying to freezing grip the winterguard. It was still 8 to hit them since they had bob and weave on. Sure, reinholdt and sylyss can 'pseudo-boost' the shot but it's still risky. But then again, I'm not really sure what options he had left since Beast09 was dead and Spriggan was about to die too probably and Conquest was still fairly healthy. Harkevich could have taken down either eEiryss or Gorman. Or even the mechaniks or Koldun Lord could have done that. I just needed to run one into contact with Gorman and no more bombs. Same for eEiryss.