Thursday, 1 November 2012

Warpath: Enforcer Captain and Orc Hero

Well, thanks to the dreadball KS, I got interested in the warpath miniatures. Due to a need to bump up an order from Wayland to a certain amount to get free shipping, I managed to add these to the shipment.

Right, so they come in small blister packs. You can see the Enforcer captain in this. I was surprised by the nice heft to the figures. It always feels good to have a decent chunk of metal in your hands. That or I've been too conditioned by miniature wargames...

Here you can see the Orc figure. It comes in 4 pieces, pretty much the same as the Enforcer Captain. I found the Orc to be fairly easy to assemble while not so much for the Enforcer, but that was mostly because of the positioning of the arms. There was no placeholder so I had to try and figure out which angle the arm was supposed to fit together. 

But overall, they were fairly easy to clean up and assemble. Managed to do a quick painting job on them and hey presto, they were ready to go.
Not really too fond of how this turned out. I just felt I got the coloring off. The orc is yellow because I was playing Fallout New Vegas and I was heavily inspired to paint them a super mutant color. It doesn't look too bad on them but I wasn't really sure what color clothing to pair with yellow. 

The Enforcer was easier since I decided I'd try it in an Iron Man color scheme. This meant lots of red with some bits of copper and very little iron.
It's not fully finished yet. I'd like to do more highlighting on it but I'm fairly busy with the SR tournament coming up and me not having finished most of my painting for that instead -_- But it serves well enough to illustrate the detail of the figures. And how Iron-Mannish they are. 

Having gotten these two figures, I have to say, I'm pretty psyched about the warpath kickstarter.