Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Vlad3 grudgematch against eSorscha III

In which Drago racks up his highest kill count ever in 1 turn.


Yuri the Axe
Manhunters x 2


Nyss with Valachev

He wins deployment so he goes first.

Turn 1
-Everything runs up. Gorman pops a smoke bomb to obscure him and Sorscha. IF goes onto the Nyss.
+Vlad3 casts dash, windwall and Infernal Machine on Drago. Everything runs up. Apparently eEiryss doesn't have magical ranged weapons so I feel pretty confident placing Vlad3 up front since nothing he has can penetrate windwall. Widowmakers manage to snipe 2 Nyss but they're up front and are probably going to die horribly next turn. 1 Manhunter runs all the way to contact eEiryss to prevent her from moving. 

Turn 2
-Yes, the Nyss make short work of the widowmakers, leaving all but 1 dead, but they're also fairly close to me now. Boundless charge is put on the Spriggan and it moves to charge the manhunter, killing it. eEiryss gets to run away then but he runs back to his casters side.
+I have a daring plan. Normally, there's no way I'd be able to kill the Nyss with IF on because almost nothing I have can hit them. Vlad3 gives 3 focus to Drago. He feats and casts dash. Drago charges the nearest Nyss. Cause I want to make sure I hit, I boost the attack roll. I do and sidestep into another Nyss. I then boost the attack roll again on my 2nd hit and sidestep again. Then I buy and make a third swipe at another Nyss. I miss on that but now I'm fairly deep within the ranks of the enemy. I roll to see if Drago blows up. He does and it's glorious. I catch Cylena, Vlachev, eEiryss and several of the Nyss in his explosion. End result? 6 nyss including Cylena dead and both Valachev and eEiryss gone. This was pretty worth it. Fenris charges the spriggan, along with the manhunters. I manage to down both arms and his cortex. I engage his Nyss with some of the Uhlans, which turns out to be a mistake. Also I find out Markov doesn't have relentless charge which is pretty WTF. The guy's an elite Uhlan and he doesn't have a basic ability of the Uhlans? -_- I was planning on clearing out the rest of the Nyss with his bomb but eh...whatever.

Turn 3
-Spriggan fails to hit stuff. Beast 09 charges the Uhlans I left engaged with the Nyss and kills them. Not really sure I should have engaged them but Nyss on charge with weapon master can still hurt an Uhlan in defensive line...
+I do a really stupid thing here. I walk Yuri away from the Spriggan because I want to charge Gorman, thinking hey, its almost impossible for him to hit me. He needs a 6 on a d6. But then he rolls a 6 >_<. I could have saved myself so much trouble if I just bothered to cast dash first but I didn't want to waste the 2 focus or activate Vlad3 first. Anyway, manhunter makes short work of the Spriggan. Hand of Fate goes onto the Uhlans and they and Markov go into Beast 09 who manages to survive. I lost too many of them the previous round to really be able put the beast down. 

Turn 4
-He clears the Uhlans, while running Sorscha up as well.Gorman hits Fenris with a black oil bomb, meaning Fenris can't do anything next turn. 
+I move Fenris up anyway, since I have to forfeit movement or action anyway. Manhunter charges Gorman and kills him. 

Turn 5
- Boundless charge on Beast 09 and then he charges the Manhunter with Beast. He can't charge Fenris cause Fenris is in his back arc. He then kills the manhunter and tries to hit Fenris but can't cause one of his systems is down and he can't thresher and he didn't get any focus. He then positions his units to try and block me. 
+Vlad3 is now within 13" of Sorscha. I have no choice but to do this. I move wardog so that I won't take free strikes charging Sorscha and then I charge her. With HOF on and 6 focus to buy/boost attacks, Sorscha is dead.
Thoughts on game
Drago really saved my bacon this time around. I guess that's one way around IFed units....I made some really basic mistakes here, like charging with too many Uhlans  which ended up with them being Chewed up by Beast09 which resulted in me not being able to down beast 09 later on. Also, walking Yuri the axe away was a really dumb decision. I almost managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory there.