Thursday, 29 November 2012

Conquest vs eGaspy Part 1 of 2

Fairly behind on my batrepping. Tis the holiday season and all...Or nearly -_-


Aiyana and Holt

Koldun Lord
Winterguard with UA
Kovnik Joe




Bane Knights

Right, we play 2 games using this exact same list. 

Turn 1
-Right, I go up first. Escort on Harkevich, Fortune on Conquest.
+He walks up and caustic mists in front of his units to prevent me from seeing them.

Turn 2 
-I lay down creeping barrages and proceed to whale away with my main gun. I try to make sure my winterguard stay away from his bile thralls
+He excarnates, using the chicken to arc and kills one mechanic. This allows him to spawn one bile thrall further up than the rest. One purge later, my mechanics are gone. He engages my Conquest with his bane knights

Turn 3 
-Right, that was a bad loss of my winterguard. Anyway,  I kill more bane knights and attempt to repair my Colossal while broadsiding away. 
+Most of the bloodgorgers and Bane knights charge my Conquest. That combined with the feat turn kills it. It dies a horrible death.

Turn 4
-Well, I manage to spray with whatever little winterguard I have left and catch most of his units. Harkevich feats and charges the reaper and kills it. But this leaves him way too close to the front. 
+Gaspy and Gerlag make short work of Harkevich. 

Thoughts on game
Bleh, still having issues with this list against Bane Knight spam. I need a way to be able to see through the damn caustic mists or I need to be able to manuever more. 

Otoh, I found out Harkevich can easily beat a heavy jack to death. -_- What do you know.