Thursday, 15 November 2012

Conquest vs the wrath of pButcher

pButcher, the man who can singlehandedly take down a Colossal by himself. Seriously, in the fluff for Wrath, they should just send him after Cryx. They're so damn lucky he was 'delayed' due to deus ex machina.


Koldun Lord
Aiyana and Holt
Winterguard with UA
Kovnik Joe


Winterguard with UA and rockets
Kovnik Joe
Koldun Lord

Right, I win deployment so I go first. We're playing a SR scenario where we're supposed to control these huge zones near the opponents side of the table.

I win deployment so I go first.

Turn 1
-Escort on Harkevich, Fortune on Conquest. I run everything up.
+He runs everything up as well, making sure to angle eEiryss toward Conquest. IF is cast onto the WG after they run.
Turn 2
-I shoot with Conquest. I manage to kill some WG who fail their tough rolls. I totally miss eEiryss.

+She runs eEiryss up to within 5" of Conquest. I now can't allocate focus to Conquest. His WG move up to spray my WG. 

Turn 3
-Joe gives them boosted attack rolls and my WG spray his WG in retaliation.This is turning into a spray fight. Meanwhile, Koldun Lord gives Conquest a focus and during his turn, he moves and shoots. I'm doing a shuffling tactic where I want to keep the lake in the centre of the table between me and his warjacks. And Butcher as well. This is because none of them have pathfinder and pButcher doesn't have boundless charge. This means their effect threat range is 3.5" for Behemoth and 5.5" for Spriggan and pButcher. I'm wary of contacting pButcher or even letting him ANYWHERE near the Conquest. Plus my zone is on the other side of the lake. Mechanics run up to engage eEiryss and block charge paths for the Jacks. I probably neededn't have bothered because I would still need a 8 or 9 to hit her if she chose to walk away. I make sure to keep enough units in the zone to be able to contest it. 
+Spriggan kills some mechanics. WG spray my WG in return. Behemoth walks further up and bombards. eEiryss tries to kill the mechanics engaging her and fails. Surprisingly. 

Turn 4
-Right, I kill the last WG in my zone and control it. Conquest moves up to control it as well. I try to spray eEiryss with the Koldun Lord but too late, I remember she can make your magical attacks backfire on you if you miss. I do miss and Koldun Lord takes his own pow12 shotgun to the face. Luckily he lives due to me rolling reaaaaally poorly. Phew.  Mechanics walk further up to block eEiryss. I get 1 point. 
+He runs eEiryss all the way up and I miss with all the free strikes. She's still insanely hard to hit with mat5 on a freestrike. However, due to the obstacles in her way, she can't get within 5" of Conqust. It's just out. He's still alive. He charges stuff with pButcher, and kills the mechaniks and tries to hit the Koldun Lord who only has 1 life left. He rolls 1,1 and the Koldun Lord lives again. Spriggan and Behemoth move up to contest the zone.

Turn 5
-I give focus to Conquest, feat with Harkevich and charge the Behemoth. Due to the feat I shoot at Spriggan and I crit. I knock the Spriggan into Behemoth and deal some damage. Then I proceed to whale on Behemoth. Behemoth turns to scrap and Spriggan is fairly damage as well. Harkevich charges eEiryss and boosts to hit and splats her. My units run up to block pButcher and prevent him from taking a point. I get another point, which leaves me 1 shy of victory.
+My opponent moves Spriggan into the end zone and walks out with Butcher on full focus and IF on. At this point, I think he's sort of given up since the only thing he could do was give Spriggan 3 focus, cast full throttle, feat and have spriggan try and charge Conquest and take it down. Would have been a very very long shot since I'm also at +3 armor thanks to my feat, which negates most of the additional die of damage. But it was probably the only thing that could be done. Anyway, he doesn't do that.

Turn 6
-I kill Spriggan and end my turn. I control the last of the points I need to win via scenario.

Thoughts on game
The terrain in the centre really saved my bacon, mostly because pButcher has no way to speed up his jacks at all. Or any way to give them pathfinder. This allowed me to use the rough terrain to my advantage and just shuffle around it till I could contest a point with Conquest and then later on, charge his Behemoth or Spriggan. 
Koldun Lord was the man of the match though, if only because he survived his own magical shotgun to the head; no easy feat when it's pretty much almost flat damage, and then having pButcher FAIL to kill him.