Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Vlad3 vs Skorne

Molik old nemesis... Yes, I consider him more annoying than the enemy warlock.


Yuri the Axe
Manhunters x 2

-Molik Karn
-Cyclops Shaman

Farrow Bonegrinders
Farrow Slaughterhousers
Paingiver Beast handlers
Paingiver Task master

Right, this is a fairly strange list to see across me. Especially with the minion units that I've never EVER seen before. I've also substituted the doomreavers with escort out for Yuri the Axe and the manhunters. This has something to do with the fact that forests are fairly common in my meta. The pictures kinda prove it -_- Note the two huge forests in the middle again. 

We play a SR scenario and I go first.
Turn 1
-Right, the usual Hands of Fate on the Uhlans and Infernal Machine on Drago. Add a bit of Dash and then everyone runs up. -
+He runs up as well. 
Turn 2
-This is where things turn a bit interesting. His Farrows are fairly nearby and I feat with Vlad. I cast Dash and run to the farrows and proceed to quench my blood. I actually miss on my 2nd initial attack which costs me 2" of sidestep movement, otherwise I would have had a LOT higher pow+armor since that 2" would have let me step in even further into him. Vlad3 sprints back. Fenris charges the Shaman, hits, sidesteps. 2nd hit connects with a Farrow and it fails tough, I get a berserk attack on another farrow and it passes tough which means my berserking spree ends. I was hoping to clear out everything nearby by berserking all the farrows and then using the last berserk attack on the Shaman. Shame it didn't work out that way. Anyway, I sprint back so that he's in between the Archidon and Molik Karn. If EITHER of them want to move past him, they'll have to take a free strike or kill him first. It may be a waste of Fenris but I do not want them running up..Only 1 Uhlan can reach the shaman and the rest run in formation, keeping base to base to keep 19 armor. However, that 1 Uhlan actually manages to finish the Shaman off. He then sprints back to the unit so he's base to base. Yuri the axe and manhunters then do their job. They take a look at the mass of farrows nearby. Yuri dashes past them; and this is where Dash comes in useful. In the forest I get to move past intervening models and dash makes it so that doing so doesn't make me take any free strikes. The manhunters manage to kill the Taskmaster as well as quite a few of the farrows.

+Right. He charges Fenris with Hexeris and kills him. Didn't see that coming.  He then has the Archidon charge one of my Uhlans and kills it. Molik Karn then charges forward to kill a few of the widowmakers. He now controls one of the points. His farrows kill Yuri but fail to hit the other manhunters. I also control a point. At the end of turn, Fatewalker allows him to move Hexeris. He could have chosen to move him up to contest the centre point which would give him 2/3 points needed to win but that would be useless if he got smooshed by my Uhlans the next turn because he would be THAT close to all of them. 

Turn 3
-Right, we both have 1 point each. I can probably get 2 points this turn. First, I kill off every other farrow nearby that's blocking my way. That secures my point. Then I charge and kill off the Archidon that's contesting the centre point. With that done and with Vlad within range to control the point, the game is mine. I end the turn and win via scenario.

Thoughts on game
Hmm, this was a fairly straight forward game where we just ran our armies at each other while trying to control the points. I'm finding dash with manhunters and treewalker to be pretty useful for the fact that I get pseudo acrobatics though. However, it only works while they're in Vlad3s control area so that means he needs to be up front as well, which is not that much of an issue with Vlad3 I guess. He's not that easily assassinate and can be screened by his Uhlans.