Friday, 4 October 2013

2 Guns

A surprisingly good movie. Warning, lots of spoilers. 

So 2 Guns stars Mark Wahlberg; who's a pretty decent actor, and Denzel Washington; another decent actor, as a ragtag duo who ended up robbing a CIA bank, pissing off a drug lord as well as having the army come after them to kill them. 

How did it come to this? It's very simple. Apparently both Mark and Denzel's characters are undercover. Except one is an undercover DEA agent while the other is undercover Navy Intel. The two of them have no idea the other person is undercover and actually merely used each other for their own purpose. Denzel wanted to bring down the druglord while Mark wanted to rob the CIA bank for the Navy. Unfortunately, things don't turn out the way they planned as they end up being backstabbed by all their compatriots. So the unlikely duo has to team up once again to try and escape with their life intact while getting revenge on everyone's who's double-crossed them.

I'm going to say that Mark and Denzel made the show. Their interactions was spot on. The comedic chemistry between the two was spot on, with Mark portraying the younger, more free-spirited half while Denzel was the cynical 'don't call me bro, bro' loner. There are a lot of moments in the show where you just end up laughing at their banter, especially at the end where they're bickering after Denzel shoots Mark on purpose; as payback for earlier in the film when Mark shot him. 

Overall, good film to watch. Doesn't really require a lot of braincells and is pretty much pure popcorn entertainment. May get this on bluray if it hits 10 bucks. Also, boobies -_- So there.