Saturday, 26 October 2013

eFeora vs Siege

Round #5 continue!


Exemplar Errants with UA
Rhupert Carvolo
Vassal of Menoth
Covenant of Menoth
Min. Choir


Journeyman warcaster

So one of the things about the league is you know who you're going to be fighting and what scenario it is about a week in advance. So you inevitably end up thinking of ways to deal with them. My opponent's a long time Cygnar player so I know his default casters are basically eCaine, Siege and eHaley. Of all the casters I can choose, a lot of them would die to Siege and eCaine in terms of assassination vectors so I probably want something that can be screened and has higher armor. Which leaves eFeora, with her escort boosting her up to armor19. And I've always wanted to try her with a Judicator. With the extra points, I threw in a devout, just in case. I was also expecting him to take out Siege because Siege is fairly easy to use and has a naturally high armor. Even higher with arcane shield. And as expected, he took out Siege. 
We play scenario #9, which is a fairly hard scenario since it has no objectives to destroy. You just have to be able to contest/control/dominate zones and flags and he chooses to go first. My errants are deployed to contest the zone while judicator will head to the flag first. My plan is to take down everything near the flag and then go to the zone. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to Defender. Defender runs up towards the flag. Forgeguard follow behind at a slower speed. Rangers walk up towards my errants. Eiryss moves up and snipes one Errant who self-sacs it away to an errant further behind. I want my errants on the front line to shoot some stuff later. Boomhowlers run up. Siege goes and hides behind a wall. Arcane shield goes onto the boomhowlers. 
+Feora casts Escort and moves up to the flag. Devout follows behind her. Judicator goes up. All his troops are bunched together so it's an awesome day for a Judicator. He pops all his rockets and since his sprays are still too far away, he leaves them for later. Vassal walks up and gives him an extra shot. Choir sing 'no shooting'. Errants walk up towards the zone and shoot, killing a few boomhowlers and rangers. Blessed lets me ignore their arcane shield. Rhupert gives them tough and fearless. Book walks up and says no KD. 

Turn 2
-First he rolls for fire. Some boomhowlers die. 1 focus to defender. It stands still and shoots my Judicator and boosts the damage. Boomhowlers order charge into my Errants and I make a few tough rolls and self-sac the rest. Eiryss shoots another Errant again. Rangers move up and shoot at the Errants and some shots just bounce off the armor. Forgeguard run up again. Siege lays down a ground pounder on 1 errants and misses. 
+I give 1 focus to Judicator and it gains one by itself. I upkeep escort. Choir sings battle. Judicator moves up and shoots more rocket pods. One nearly lands on Siege. Sigh. Then it continues spraying now that it's within range. Lots of forgeguard die, and some boomies make their tough. Vassal walks up and gives Judicator an extra spray and it sprays more forgeguard. Feora walks up and sprays more Forgeguard as well. They fail their CMD check, meaning they can't charge Judicator next turn. Devout moves near Feora. Errants charge into the boomhowlers and one engages Eiryss. I'm hoping to quick work into a few of them but a surprising number of them pass their tough roll. Rhupert gives them fearless and tough again and the book moves into the zone saying no KD.

Turn 3
-More fire checks for everyone. More boomhowlers die or are KDed. Siege gives 3 focus to the Defender. Siege shoots the Judicator then feats. The defender charges the Judicator and deals a fair bit of damage to it but not enough to kill it. But my right arm is down. The boomhowlers sing to stand up and then they charge the errants. They miss on some and I make tough on some. The last surviving ranger runs towards the errant tying up Eiryss. The journeyman walks up and tries to shoot the Errant but misses, rolls against own boomhowler and hits. Derp. Bounces off the armor though. Eiryss tries to beat the Errant but fails. The Forgeguard rally.
+2 focus to Judicator. 1 focus from reliquary. I forgot to sing battle before moving Judicator. Ugh -_- He moves around and beats up the Defender Because I forgot to sing battle, I failed to kill it. But nevermind, it's only left with a few hp. Choir sings battle and then the devout moves up and kills the Defender. eFeora walks up and sprays the forgeguard while making sure I'm more than 9" from any of them. Errants continue beating up on the Boomhowlers while the book sings no KD. 

Turn 4
-The forgeguard charge my judicator and one charges my devout. There are only 3 of them left so it doesn't hurt as much. Siege walks up and tries to forcehammer my Book but fails to, then rolls against his own boomhowler and fails again. He then lays down a ground pounder on my book and does 1 damage. The journeyman finally kills the errant engaging Eiryss, who then runs over to the judicator, making sure I can't allocate focus to it and the devout. Boomhowlers continue killing errants until only the leader is left. 
+I upkeep Escort. Feora moves up, touches the flag and sprays the forgeguard and Eiryss. I make sure to boost on Eiryss but miss. Meanwhile, the forgeguard are finally eliminated. I sing battle on the judicator. It moves and shoots a rocket pod on Eiryss who is caught in the blast and is on fire. More rockets towards the boomhowlers as well as more sprays. I try to spray Siege as well but he's just out. Dammit.  Surprisingly, I don't roll enough to kill her but the fire will the next turn. Devout moves up and shields Feora. I make sure to stand at an angle that the Devout can't be forcehammered into Feora. I gain 1 CP.

Turn 5
-Siege ground pounders my Covenent again but misses the Errant. He uses the extra shot Reinholdt gives him to take down Rhupert. I take another damage. The boomhowlers charge and miss my choir in the zone. Meanwhile the rest stuck in melee continue on in Melee with my Exemplar errant UA taking damage but still surviving. Meanwhile, my book is still there, holding the ground. He runs his squire up to the Judicator to block my charge lane I guess. Journeyman walks up, tries to shoot the Exempler Errant UA and missing and hitting his own boomhowler instead. Yeah...shooting into melee isn't a great idea when your rat is 4. Even if you can boost. I gain another CP.
+3 focus to Judicator, I get 1 from its reliquary. Choir sings battle. I try to get rid of the Squire in the way with Feora but fail to kill it with the spray even when I hit it. Should have boosted the damage. Vassal allows the Judicator to spray the squire and it misses. So in the end, I trample over the Squire, killing it and going over to Siege. I then proceed to buy attacks to hit him. After 2 hits, I'm thinking if I should let him live and just game the system for more CP; which is the 1st tiebreaker but I decide to put him out of his misery. Siege dies. 
Thoughts on game
It really really felt like my errants died like flies, except for the later part where the UA stuck around like a boss. The sprays on the judicator are golden and insanely good. I'm honestly surprised he charged me with his Defender but that may have been the best choice in the end since I would have been able to reach him in the next turn anyway. At least that way, it did some damage to me before it died. Was really expecting it to run away though and keep shooting me. 

In the end, my plan mostly worked, which was to capture the flag and then go towards the zone because the zone always ends up being a mess of melee fighting. It just took me a bit longer to capture it than expected.