Monday, 7 October 2013

RS Deli

244R Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Garden Estate, Singapore 574369

I rarely try fusion food, mostly because I usually find it to be overpriced and mediocre. However, sometimes you're just walking along looking for a place to eat and there's only one spot that looks decent and isn't crowded with people waiting for a table. That place was RS deli. 

RS deli is apparently a malay/western fusion place, considering they have items such as rendang burgers, cheese burgers, spaghetti laksa etc. So basically, it's still pretty normal stuff because rendang burgers? Burger King has had them for ages and now McDonalds has them too. 

 I ordered 2 items from their menu, a burger and a drink, which set me back 13SGD. The drink was Bandung soda, which didn't really taste all that great. The real issue is that the two flavors didn't blend together very well. Normally bandung is pretty sweet and the milk they usually add to it helps accentuate that flavor. However, whatever soda they were using for the mix didn't really add much except a sharp fizzy tang to the taste. Definitely not worth the 3 bucks I paid for this. 

Then there's the burger. It's fairly decent, with a lot of gravy on it. The issue is that patty is somewhat inflated with non-meat materials, probably more than usual. However, it still tasted pretty decent so I'm willing to give that a pass at the moment. The fries were average in the sense that unless you're incompetent, it's hard to mess up pre-packaged fries. I suppose if I was willing to pay 16 bucks for a Fatboys burger, this is passably around the same value for money. Except it either needs to be a bit cheaper, maybe about 1-1.50 or be slightly bigger because Fatboy burgers are huge. 

Overall, decent food, bad drinks. 

End Result: 5/10