Wednesday, 16 October 2013

pKreoss vs Borka

League Match #2!


Temple Flameguards with UA
Errants with UA
Covenant of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Rhupert Carvolo
Min. Choir


Scouts with Trollkin Sorceror
Sons of Bragg
Kriel Stone bearers

For some reason, my opponent thought I was turning up with 5 paladins of Menoth. Go figure. So he ended up putting runeshapers in his list. I go second and we play Scenario 6. 

Turn 1
-Scouts run up to my zone on the left, with 2 of them barely touching it while the others hang way further back. Borka moves up, dumps fury into the stone bearers and casts iron flesh on the sons of Bragg who then run up the center. Mulg runs towards his own zone as does the pyretroll. Janissa follows up and places a wall before Borka.
-1 focus to both jacks. Errants run up to just before his zone and space themselves out. Reckoner runs up the center.Redeemer walks up onto the hill and takes a few pot shots at scouts. Lucky deviations means I kill one. Kreoss walks up and casts lamentation and defenders ward on the flameguard. The flameguard run up to the zone. Rhupert gives them tough and fearless and the book follows up with no KD. 

Turn 2
-He doesn't upkeep IF. His scouts hang further back. I'm not sure why but I suspect he doesn't want to be caught in my feat. The sons of Bragg charge the errants but only one has assault so the others run. 1 errant dies to the sons of Bragg while the other gets saved by a self-sac. Mulg goes into his zone as does Borka. Janissa drops another wall on top of them. 
+Borka is too far to assassinate. So I go for the scenario. 3 focus to redeemer, 1 to the Reckoner and I upkeep both spells. The flameguard charge the scouts and kill them with CMAs. Choir sings battle. The reckoner walks up and shoots the objective. Kreoss walks up and pops his feat, catching the runeshapers and the sons of bragg in it. The redeemer walks up and kills off the objective before shooting at the scouts/runeshapers, killing a few. Vassal walks up and ancillary attacks the Reckoner, making it shoot at the Son of bragg but it makes its tough roll. The errants charge the Sons of bragg and finish them off. I quick work into the stones but I miss. I make a mistake and bunch them up too closely here. Rhupert gives the TFG tough while the book says no KD again. I end up with 2 points in total. One for destroying the objective and 1 for dominating my zone. 

Turn 3
-His scouts charge into the TFG to jam my zone. They do hit surprisingly but I make a few tough rolls. Nonetheless, these are going to be some dead scouts later on. Mulg kills a few errants. Borka shoots a few errants with his firebomb as does the pyretroll. This is why I shouldn't have grouped them so closely together. But then again, I didn't know how many times my opponent would make his tough rolls and I've been t-rolled that way before.
+I upkeep both spells. 2 focus to the Reckoner and 3 to the redeemer. The flameguard walk up and finish off all the scouts, leaving me to dominate the zone again. The choir sings battle.  The reckoner walks up and shoots a Sorceror. The redeemer walks up and shoots at the stone bearers. I make a mistake and anc attack the redeemer instead of enlivening the Reckoner. This proves to be a pretty painful and MAJOR one. Morale of the story is enliven. The errants surviving charge Mulg, which is probably another mistake but there's only a few of them left and they would just die otherwise. I get another CP, leaving me at 3. 
Turn 4
-Borka kills off the errants engaging Mulg. Mulg walks over and beats my Reckoner into paste... Poor Reckoner, you would have lived if I had put that enliven on you. Lesson learnt. This suddenly puts me on the defensive because holy menofixes, what do I have that can take down Mulg now? The runeshapers and trollkin sorceror walk into my zone and prevent me from scoring again. He gains 1 CP.
+I upkeep both spells and give 2 focus to the Redeemer. Choir sings battle. The redeemer walks into the forests and shoots down both the Sorceror and the runeshaper. The flameguard run so that they're blocking Mulgs trample path to Kreoss. Kreoss walks all the way around to the other side of the zone. Rhupert gives the TFG tough and the book says no KD. I actually make a mistake here and could actually probably have won the game next turn if I played properly. He gains another CP and I gain one as well, leaving us at 3 and 4. 
Turn 5
-The pyretroll frenzies and smacks Janissa who makes her tough. She lays a wall down before Borka. Mulg tramples up so that he's barely touching the zone. He buys some attacks on the TFG but doesn't max out his fury especially after I tough the first two attacks. He just stands there and blocks me from dominating. 
+I give 3 focus to the Redeemer. I'm thinking of trying to kill Mulg with it. The TFG order a charge into mulg while one of them runs into the opponents zone to contest it. The choir sings battle. Then suddenly I remember something. Light Jacks CAN SLAM! Sure, I suffer -2 to penalty and 1/2 the distance moved but he's barely even touching the zone. Even if I roll a 1, he's going to get slammed out. THIS IS IT. I tell him the redeemer slams mulg. I can see it due to having less than 3" to the edge of the forest and I slam into Mulg. Boost to hit and I do. I roll a 2 on slam distance and Mulg is out of the zone. Game over, I score the last CP needed to win. 

Thoughts on game
That was a close game. A really close game. I did very well in the beginning and then I almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory when I let my Reckoner get killed. Need to learn to enliven warjacks instead of always ancillary attacking them. 

Anyway, another plan I thought of after the game was that when Mulg had just killed the Reckoner, all I would need to do is MOVE the book right next to him. He can't trample it cause it's a large base. So due to the positioning of it, I would cut off 180 degrees worth of trample direction options for him, meaning he'd have to run and then I'd just need to block his path with TFG.