Thursday, 17 October 2013

Harbinger vs pIrusk

League Match #3!


Errants with UA

Covenant of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Rhuper Carvolo


Kayazy Assassins with UA
Winterguard with UA and WA
Kovnik Joe
Aiyana and Holt
Saxxon Orrik

So, I'm pretty sure Aiyana and Holt ended up in there cause of the fun I was having with 5 Paladins...Anyway, my feat kills people entering and his feat helps people survive. This should be interesting to see since Irusk seems to support his army better than Harbinger would. I end up going second as we play Scenario #2

Turn 1
-1 focus to Spriggan. Irusk casts Superiority on the Spriggan and IF on the Kayazy. The Kayazy get pathfinder from Saxxon Orrik and run into the forest near his objective; on the right. The Winterguard run up the left flank and get tough from Joe. They have no +2 DEF cause they ran. Aiyana and Holt advance up the center. Spriggan runs up the center. 
+1 focus to both Vanquishers. Hierophant lets Harbinger cast a spell for 1 less. She feats, casts Crusaders call and charges up into the zone. Vanquishers charge up into the zone as well since a 9" failed charge is better than a 8" run. I don't do any purifying yet because I don't want to spend the focus since the Spriggan can always just shoot me. Choir walks up and sings no shooting. The vassals walk up and give both Vanquishers ancilliary attacks into the Kayazy. One shot hits the underboss and boom, he's gone just like that. Awesome. Errants walk up the left flank and shoot ath the winterguard, killing one. Rhupert gives them tough and the book sings no KD. 

Turn 2
-For a brief moment, I thought my opponent was going to feat and try to charge into the zone. But no, he doesn't. He gives 1 focus to Spriggan. The winterguard get tough from Joe and some of them actually walk into the zone. And then proceed to fail their tough rolls. Again, not too sure why my opponent did this but I think he was trying to clear space for his Spriggan to walk through. Spriggan runs into the zone, contesting it. Irusk has to charge up and take a pow 14 because there's a killbox this scenario and he forgot to move up last turn.
+1 focus to both vanquishers. Choir gives them battle and the Vassals enliven them. They both walk up and shoot the objective, killing it. Hierophant gives Harbinger -1 to spell cost again and she casts purification before moving backwards. The errants order run/charge and one of them goes to block the spriggan. I may have been better served by using them to attack the winterguard with their blessed shots instead. Anyway, Rhupert gives them tough and the book says no KD. I get 1 CP

Turn 3
-pIrusk walks up, feats and cast battle lust on the kayazy and ironflesh on himself. His winterguard try to spray my errants but between a few tough rolls and a lot of bounced damage rolls, he fails to kill a lot of them. That and Matyrdom. Aiyana kisses one of the Vanquishers and Kayazy charge the Vanquishers. Enliven allows me to safely move back after taking a hit since he didn't try to block me well enough. Still, battlelusted Kayazys hurt and one of my non-shooting arms is down on the Vanquisher. Does not matter though. The Spriggan walks into the zone, bulldozes the errant backwards and then kills 2 of them. 
+Poor poor Irusk. For some reason, he's just standing there at the edge of the forest. With Ironflesh on, as if that means anything. Harbinger gives 2 to each Vanquisher. Hierophant gives her an another -1 to spell cost. She cataclysms the Kayazy surrounding my Vanquisher and kills 1 but the other makes his tough roll. Then she purifies.Choir sings battle. Errants charge the Spriggan but don't deal enough damage. The Vanquisher takes a free strike from the Kayazy which hurts but isn't enough to take down his systems since it's now POW 10. He walks over, shoots Irusk, boosts to hit and then damage. Irusk is now on fire. Vassal walks over and ancilliary attacks, and he shoots and hits Irusk again. Irusk makes his tough roll though. No worries. The other Vanquisher walks over and shoots Irusk as well. Boost to hit and damage and Irusk dies finally. 
Thoughts on game
To be honest, I went for the assassination because I felt I would have a really hard time dealing with the attrition game with pIrusk. I could set everything on fire but knowing my opponent, he'd probably roll 1s and 2s for everyone that survived the blast damage. Plus the WG would make very short work of the errants on average rolls.