Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Insidious 2

Pretty much the SCARIEST frame in the movie. 

So Insidious 2 picks up where Insidious left off, with the husband having been possessed by the 'thing'. The audience knows that; even those who didn't watch Insidious 1 because it was freaking obvious, however we must suffer through 30-40 mins of the wife not realising that. It's like 'come on woman, how obvious can it be?!?!' Seriously, you've been married for close to a decade by now, shouldn't the mannerisms have told you something is wrong?

Anyway, it's fairly painful to watch the first half because the wife is THAT oblivious. She knows something is going wrong because again, it picks up from Insidious1 where something did go wrong, but she just doesn't realise its source yet. So it's really rehashing the old 'hey, there's something wrong with this haunted house we just moved into' cliche of haunted-house genres, what with the exploratory scenes and what not, showing something is wrong and having the family slowly realise that. Except in this case, the woman has already gone through all that exploratory shit and should know something is wrong. In geek speak, it's like how in every season of Pokemon, Ash gets better and better then when the next season rolls around, suddenly he gets hit with a reset button. In other words, Status Quo is God am comedy...
So I've noticed something about James Wan horror films. Their direction is usually pretty good, he knows when to drum up the suspense, when to unleash the horror. There's always slow-paced exposition in the beginning, followed by horror. Then there's also the buttmonkey. In Conjuring, it was the sheriff. In Insidious2, it's neckbeard guy. 

Overall, I'd say this is about the same level as the Conjuring, if not as Scary. There are a lot of stupid moments in the film where the people do things that seriously would make no logical sense; like exploring deserted/haunted hospitals at night instead of waiting for day...But the villain looks scary enough, but then again he's an elderly man-spirit cross-dressing as a female bride. That's already pretty scary if he wasn't a ghost. 

Also, again, no one actually dies in the film. Despite all the murderous savagery of the ghost, he doesn't kill anyone in the present. Not even when he has the buttmonkey, his buttmonkey pal and the old dude knocked out. Yet he's perfectly willing to try and slaughter the wife and the mother. What's with that?