Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Harbinger vs eHaley

This might not have been the best time to try my 5 paladin list...

Min. Choir
Temple Flameguard with UA
Zealots with UA


Journeyman Warcaster
Gunmages with UA
Anastasia Debray

So my plan is simple, jam him with paladins at pivotal areas. Unfortunately, he has ATGM which will be annoying to deal with. I end up going second and we play Scenario 6. Also, I'm just going to mention this, I HATE the Realm of Battle board. Frigging hills are so annoying with no traction for your models to stand on so they keep sliding all over the place. 

Turn 1
-Forgeguard run up the right flank, towards his own zone. Thorn runs up out. Centurion runs up the center to behind a wall. ATGM run up to behind the wall as well, as does eHaley. Journeyman walks up and arcane shield goes onto the centurion. Anastasia runs up. 
+1 focus to Reckoner. The zealots say they can't be targeted by spells and run up to my zone. 3 paladins follow behind. The TFG run up to his zone, followed by Vilmon and another paladin. Harbinger moves up and feats.

Turn 2
-He upkeeps Arcane shield. His thorn chooses to walk into his zone and takes the pow 14. As does the Centurion, who walks into my zone. The rest of his guys basically end up having to stand outside my zone. eHaley casts deceleration and timebombs a paladin. I matyrdom to save him. 
+2 focus to Reckoner. The choir sing battle. The reckoner moves up and shoots Thorn. With boosted attack and damage rolls, I take down his arcnode with a lucky strike. Because he's behind a forest, I can't see Thorn with the TFG so I can't charge him. I end up moving up in shieldwall formation. Vilmon and the Paladin on the right  say they can only be affected by magical weapons and gain +5 armor. The ones on the left say they can only be affected by magical weapons and some move up. Zealots run up and mini-feat. 

Turn 3
-Times like this I regret not being able to take a Vassal in the tier list. 4 focus to Centurion. Haley, feats TAs it and casts deceleration as well. The centurion charges my Reckoner who then proceeds to die horribly. The ATGM walk up and engage the zealots. The forgeguard run into his zone to protect it. 
+Well, derp. No more heavy, which means this just became an uphill battle for me again. Zealots activate first and sing battle. Those who are in range, either throw a melee or ranged attack. The rest move up. The paladins say they can only be hurt by magical. The Flameguard shieldwall and the lone flameguard near Thorn hits it and sets it on fire. Since Harbinger was out of the feat, she decides to run off up the side. Away from the nasty looking centurion.

Turn 4
-4 focus to the centurion. The centurion shuffles around the wreck to hit my objective and kills it. That's 1 CP to him. His forgeguard charge my flameguard and zealots and kill those that they can hit. The ATGM stand still and shoot at the zealots. eHaley casts deceleration once again while camping behind a wall. 
+I charge thorn to try and kill it with CMAs. Doesn't work too well and it's still alive. Meanwhile my paladins continue with their impervious wall and +5 arm shenanigans. Zealots sing battle and try to kill the ATGM but with arcane shield + deceleration on, even my blast damages aren't doing much to them. The choir charge several forgeguard and hit! But it's the damage rolling that may screw me over as I need a 11 to kill them. Surprisingly, I kill everyone I charge. Awesome. 

Turn 5
-His ATGM stand still and shoot my zealots to death. His Forgeguard mop them up as well as the choir. The centurion walks over and beats my TFG. eHaley continues casting deceleration. Thorn tries to kill more TFG as well. Seriously, this thing has been on fire since turn 2 and STILL refuses to die. 
+Paladins on the left zone get both impervious wall and +5 armor. I finally kill Thorn with my TFG and 1 paladin and now I'm left with the Centurion. Vilmon says only magic weapons can hurt him and rolls an attack on the Centurion with reach. I roll double 1s...Awesome. 

Turn 6
-He TKs my paladins out of the way and dead eyes the ATGM who then proceed to thunderbolt them out of the zone. He scores 2 for dominating, leaving him on three.
+Okay, there's literally nothing I can do about that because his Haley is still slightly too far away for me to reach. I try to charge him with 1 paladin but nope, out of reach. The other can only walk up and impervious wall. I try to at least kill off the Centurion. Nope, not working either. 

Turn 7
-He TKs paladin again and thunderbolts them again. Another 2 points for dominating, which gives him the win. 

Thoughts on game
Okay, my first time using Harbinger and I did a few things wrong with her. She was pretty much too far too one side. I really should have just walked up with her. granted, I would be liable to get a Centurion to the face, but I probably could survive that if I force him to trample over, resulting in only 3 attacks, which have a 41.7% chance of hitting, which means slightly less than 1.5 attacks. Assuming he does hit with 2, thats dice minus 4 if I consider the fact I only use focus to give  to the reckoner. Which wouldn't be enough to kill me. Then you'd see a dead centurion. As it is, by running to one side, I really really didn't help my army any at all. 

The 5 paladins are amusing if very very hard to play because the tier list is kinda...crappy. I can't bring the book, I can't bring the vassal. Nor can I bring errants... The zealots sort of let me down this game although I suspect that's more because armor 16 against ranged is insanely hard to crack even when you have a +2 dmg buff and AOEs. Doesn't hurt they're def 15 either so that's 9 to even hit them directly. I feel like I would have been better served by a vanquisher. Also, another thing is the fact that Harbinger literally has no useful offensive spells I feel because cataclysm really feels like a trap spell, requiring range 8 to hit and then -1 power for every inch between the caster and the target.