Monday, 14 October 2013


Prisoners is what happens when someone takes an idea and then runs with it for a bit too long. 

So what's Prisoners about? Basically, it's about the degeneration of a man whose daughter has gone missing and the lengths he'll go to in order to find her.  One day, while at a Thanksgiving dinner with his family and his friends family, their youngest daughters go out together and go missing. Panic ensues and there's some suspicion about this white RV that was spotted nearby around the time period the girls went missing. They finally arrest the driver of the white RV and he's some mentally-challenged guy in his early 20s or maybe late teens. They can't find any evidence on him so they have to let him go after the holding period is up. But well, Hugh Jackman isn't going to stand for that. He's convinced the guy is guilty and so he ends up kidnapping the guy (impulsively) and then starts torturing and interrogating him brutally. He even ropes in his friend whose daughter had also gone missing into helping him.

Then it just keeps going on and on and on. It really felt like the film jumped the shark somewhere, whether it's with the constant scenes of Hugh beating up the young man for information or whether it's the flip-flop nature of his friend, who can't decide whether to stick to his morals or not. 

I know a lot of people like this film but to be honest, I suspect it's because of the twist at the end, which most people wouldn't see coming. Because to be honest, it was fairly boring until that part. I'll give credit to Jake Gyllenhaal though, for having the only interesting character in the movie. I just felt that the scenes where he was involved were just much better and interesting than the ones in which Hugh Jackman was involved in. Especially when at the end, it becomes obvious that you've spent nearly an hour or so watching Hugh Jackman beat up a guy for no reason. Seriously, that plot just went off on a tangent somewhere. 

Overall, I just wouldn't watch this film again. Just took too long and wasn't interesting enough.