Friday, 11 October 2013

Harbinger vs Kraye

I'm going to test this out one more time...


Temple Flameguard with UA
Min. Choir


Journeyman warcaster 
Stormsmith Caller do I beat through so much armor? Holy hell, that is one skewed list. Not to mention Kraye has full tilt which means he can threaten me from 15" away with a charge. From either the stormclad or the stormwall. Or he could just...shoot me to death. I end up going second as we play scenario 8. 

Turn 1
-Full tilt goes onto the stormclad and Kraye moves up. Arcane shield goes onto the Stormwall and Journeyman hides behind a wall. As does the squire. Stormclad runs towards my zone, but makes sure to stay out of the reckoner's charge range. Hunter moves up towards my zone as well. Stormwall follows Kraye towards his own zone on the right.
+2 focus to my warjacks. They run up to the center, near my objective. The choir sing no shooting on them. The paladins on the left run up to my zone, making sure to skirt the forest so that his warjacks can't see me. The flameguard run up the left, towards his zone and making sure to space out. 2 paladins and Vilmon follow along. Harbinger purifies and moves into the forest, followed by her hierophant. 

Turn 2
-1 focus to his hunter. 3 to his Stormwall. His hunter moves up and tries to gain LOS to the paladin in the forest but can't so he light cav moves backwards. His stormwall walks up and shoots at the Flameguard and the paladin but I matyrdom them. Especially the paladins, cause I want them to survive. Kraye shoots at the flameguard and misses. Arcane shield goes onto the stormwall again. 
+I give 2 focus to the reckoner. I purify with Harbinger and move back. I don't want to too close to the Stormwall. Choir sing no shooting. The Reckoner moves up and shoots the Stormwall, boosts to hit and damage. I'm also using it to block a charge lane to Harbinger while positioning the Vanquisher to counter-charge next turn if need be. The Flameguard mini-feat and charge the stormwall as well as terrorising the Stormsmith caller, setting it on fire and dealing minute amounts of damage. Paladins finally make it into his zone and go Impervious wall. The paladins in my zone go impervious wall as well and shuffle around a bit. 

Turn 3
-1 focus to hunter. 3 to stormwall. His stormwall shoots my flameguard, killing quite a few since I'm not near enough to matyrdom, as well as laying down some covering fire on his right side. Kraye ride bys and attacks the flameguard as well with a melee attack but he doesn't have enough movement left to clear the wall so he ends up being stuck there. Hunter shoots the objective but doesn't kill it even with boosted rolls. His boosted damage roll was actually really bad. Stormclad moves towards Kraye. Stormsmith caller fails his morale roll. Arcane shield onto Stormwall again. 
+3 focus to Reckoner. Harbinger purifies, guided hands the TFG and moves backwards.  I make a HUGE mistake here and forgot to sing battle before having my warjack charge off. Aaargh. The Reckoner assaults the Stormwall, hitting it but not dealing enough damage since it's dice -2 right now. Ugh. The TFG set it on fire as well but the lone guy I sent after Kraye fails to hit him and set Kraye on fire. I just need an 8 on 3d6! And I missed. Again. Paladins on the right sing impervious wall and stone and mortar. Paladins on the left sing impervious wall and one of them moves up towards the hunter. 

Turn 4
-He fails his fire check but it doesn't do much damage to Stormwall away. 3 focus to Stormwall, 1 to hunter. Stormwall beats up the Reckoner and destroys it. And kills a flameguard too for fun. Kraye walks away and shoots more flameguards. The Stormsmith caller finally rallies. Arcane shield goes onto the Stormwall again. The hunter shoots the objective again but still doesn't kill it. 
+2 focus to Vanquisher. I purify again with Harbinger and start moving back to my own zone. The choir sings battle this time and the Vanquisher shoots Kraye. Who's in the zone. Boost to hit, boost to damage. Kraye is left with 7 hp. Paladins continue singing impervious wall on the left side. On the right side Paladins sing impervious wall as well and move into base to base contact with the Stormwall. Which can't hurt me. 

Turn 5
-Finally, no arcane shield on the damn stormwall. 1 focus to Stormclad and 1 to hunter.  The stormsmith caller walks up and disrupts my Vanquisher. Kraye moves backwards onto a hill. The Stormclad walks towards my zone. The hunter sort of does this funny thing where it walks around my zone, almost heading towards my deployment zone before shooting the objective and boosting. The objective is STILL alive. His rolls are that bad on it. Stormwall kills off some more flameguard. 
+Paladins on the right sing impervious wall and just beat the Stormwall normally. Go weaponmaster 14-15 respectively. One paladin on the left goes impervious wall and engages the Stormclad. The other goes full impervious wall plus stone-and-mortar. Harbinger runs towards the Hunter. Vanquisher gets battle and tries to shoot but misses.
Turn 6
-1 focus to Hunter. His stormsmith caller fails to disrupt my Vanquisher again. The Hunter finally kills the objective. Kraye charges my paladin and kills it. The stormwall really can't do much right now. Journeyman casts arcane shield on the stormclad.
+2 focus to Vanquisher. The paladins in his zone wreck the Stormwall. The sole surviving flameguard runs up to the stormsmith caller and terrorises it again. Vilmon walks up and kills the lightning pod and suddenly I have control over his zone! Then the choir sings battle and the Vanquisher walks up and accidentally kills Kraye with a direct hit and boosted damage roll. 
Thoughts on game
I think my favourite moment was when the 3 paladins wrecked the stormwall. But in all honesty, this list is a bit of a pain to play. Granted, very very few things can hurt paladins with Matyrdom on, but I find that I generally lack offensive power since TFG aren't very good at dealing damage to armor so I often find myself in a very very slog-heavy attrition game. It's probably even worse for my opponent who; if he doesn't have magic weapons, suddenly has FIVE non-magic immune weaponmasters in his face, contesting/controlling zones.