Monday, 29 October 2012

Vlad3 vs Strakhov

In which the dice really really troll me several times


Kovnik Markov


Great bears

Right, I'm just testing out how Conquest will do in a Vlad3 list, what with infernal machine on him. I win deployment and go first.

Turn 1
-Hand of Fate on Uhlans. Infernal Machine on Conquest. Everything else runs up. I'm now next to the objective. 
+Hm, turns out I'm very very close to Strakhov who then feats on turn 1. I totally forgot about that. Great bears charge and kill some Uhlans. Drakhun moves up to screen Strakhov.

Turn 2
-Vlad is within 14" of Strakhov. I decided to try and go for an assassination run. I take the counter charge from the Drakhun which hurts even with 7 focus on. Yet, somehow with 7 focus on Vlad, I still fail to kill Strakhov, he's with 3 life. I do manage to kill the wardog so I sprint back. I try to kill the Drakhun with Fenris who should be able to do it with his attacks. I hit with the impact, but fail to penetrate his armor. Then for the charge attack I proceed to roll...1,1. Right....I roll my 2nd attack and it comes up...1,1. At this point I'm facepalming. Uhlans would charge Strakhov but they're blocked by the Great bears so I kill them and try to block charge lanes. Conquest squishes his Fenris.
+It's not enough to save me. His widowmakers walk up and shoot Vlad. Thanks to being dry, their shots can hurt. Then his eliminators charge Vlad thanks to acrobatics and do a combo strike on him. Vlad dies horribly.

Thoughts on game
Hmm, Conquest doesn't fit in as well into the list as I would have liked. Mostly because due to fitting the Uhlans into the list, I ended up with fewer models than I would have liked. Either the Uhlans or the Conquest would have to go but since the theme of Vlad3 is 'Charge of the Horselords', I would prefer to have some cavalry with him. Plus Conquest can't benefit from the feat anyway due to not being able to move outside of his normal movement phase.