Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Vlad3 vs eSorscha

Spoiler alert; Turns out I can't assassinate with Vlad worth nuts.




Winterguard with UA
Kovnik Joe
Saxxon Orrik
Great Bears

Right, I win deployment again.
Turn 1
-Hand of Fate on Uhlans, Infernal machine on Drago. Widow makers activate after Vlad to avoid getting terror tests from the doomreavers. Everything runs.
+He runs up as well. Sorscha casts IF on the winterguard.

Turn 2
-Okay, technically Sorscha is within 14" +2" of Vlad. I can feat, sidestep and get into her reach. It's a risky manuever cause after that I'll be within her range. I do it anyway because I still can't believe I missed assassinating Strakhov in the previous game. Long story short. I fail. However, I did manage to kill something so I sprint back. Uhlans run up to block the way however I make a mistake and move one too close to the Spriggan, which Sorscha has bonded. This means it's now frozen. This will be important later on. Everything else runs up in place.
+Sorscha moves up and casts freezing grip on the frozen Uhlan. This causes the whole unit to become stationary. Due to that, his Winterguard which were engaged are now no longer engaged. One feat turn and many winterguard CRAing Vlad later, Vlad is dead.

Thoughts on game
Hmmm, I'm not sure if I'm either experiencing a really unlucky streak on the dice or if Vlad3 isn't that cut out for the assassination run himself. Which would mean he's a lot better as a support unit. Def17 winterguard don't hurt my opponents chances of surviving either. 

One vital mistake I made was leaving that 1 Uhlan within 2" of the Spriggan. Otherwise they would have been much harder to hit. Not impossible since Sorscha could very well have walked up to them and cast the spell anyway, but def 13 is still a lot better than def 5.

I would like some AOE options in the list but they move way too slowly for them to keep up with everything else in the list. Hence the widowmakers. Of course, there's still the issue of needing 10s to hit a def17 winterguard. Or 8 if I stay still, both above average rolls.