Monday, 8 October 2012


2 Vlads walk in, 1 comes out.


Kovnik Markov



Right, this should be an interesting matchup. We're both testing highly alpha strike lists against the other. He has a Guncarriage, which can probably easily take down my doomreavers if it hits. Same for the widowmakers. I otoh have more warm bodies and greater speed to drown him in. We roll for the SR scenario and he also wins deployment

Turn 1
-He runs up
+I run up. We're both trying to keep more than 14" away from each other because the first person to get within 14" threat range of the uhlans will probably lose. I use the doomreavers to bait him into coming forward.

Turn 2
-For some reason he decides to move really up front, taking the bait with his uhlans but he sends up a full squad instead of just 1 or 2. His Gun Carriage also moves up to shoot templates all over.
+I happily exchange 2 doomreavers for his uhlans being within charge range. Vlad3 feats and charges them. This is when I realise that Vlad has real issues taking down Arm19 multiwound models without ANY blood tokens on him. Seriously, guy hits like a child. Luckily I manage to kill ONE uhlan and even that requires me flashing blade several times. Doomreavers clear out the rest of the uhlans with Fenris killing the last one. Uhlans kill the gun carriage and get back into formation. 

Turn 3
-Right, things dont look too good. Markov charges into the uhlans. Amazingly, he kills one with impact hits. It was armor 19 in base to base. The guy rolled double 6s on his impact.  WTF. Then his charge attack takes out the other one. His Spriggan moves forward. Drakhun kills the doomreavers.
+Widowmakers shoot the spriggan, trying to down his shield. Fenris charges the doomreavers but I don't roll well enough to cripple anything. Drago mauls the Drakhun off his horse and even this was iffy since I basically had to trigger bloodbath to down him. Uhlans kill Markov while 1 charges vlad3.

Turn 4
-Fenris dies to the spriggan. Drakhun hits Drago but does not do enough. Vlad goes into the uhlans and he rolls better than me when clearing them out. 
+Widowmakers continue shooting the spriggan. His shield is now down. 1 Uhlan and Markov go into Vlad. I manage to KD him with the charge attack of the Uhlan at which point Markov hits him automatically. Due to his high armor, nothing but the charge attack gets through. Drago walks around and beats the drakhun to death. I'm now in the back arc of BOTH the spriggan and Vlad3, which means they can't charge me. The spriggan would have to run just to clear the forest and it would leave him vulnerable to my charge. 

Turn 5
-Vlad kills Markov and the Uhlans, camps on focus and hopes for the best. His Spriggan decides to move forward to engage my widowmakers for some reason. 
+Drago goes in with 3 focus on him and hand of fate on him, 2 attacks and blood bath later, Vlad is dead. 

Thoughts on game
So none of us really ended up going for the scenario this game. Mostly because it involved destroying objectives on the other guys side of the board and we didn't want to be within 14" of it. Plus, the objective was mostly obscured by the forest. 

My opponent really could have prolonged the game if he had just walked his spriggan out to block Drago's charge or just camped on focus because armor 23 is harder for Drago to pierce through with any effectiveness. But mostly he was just testing out the list.

The Guncarriage is an interesting choice because it can actually benefit from Vlad3s feat, in that it charges 10", hits with its mount attack at mat 8 from charging, move back 2" then blast away so that the deviation will almost automatically fall within 1/2 of its hopefully short range between it and its target. This would allow it to place rough terrain right in front of enemy models at which point it would sprint back 7, making it even harder for enemies to reach him. Sadly, none of that happened in this game because a) my opponent didn't feat during that turn b)gun carriage over extended and died early on. 

The problem with the Uhlans were that once I sent them in, to deal with the gun carriage, then Markov, THEN Vlad 3, they were basically going in in waves and dying once they got stuck in because the first wave would get counter charged by the enemy who would then get counter charged by the 2nd wave. Other than Vlad3s feat turn, there seems to be no real way around that. That and putting them b2b seems to help increase their survivability a lot.