Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Harkevich vs Kromac

Lots and lots of wolves. Plus 3 critical devastations in the game = pure love for the conquest. Not so much for my opponent -_-


Aiyana and Holt
Winterguard + UA
Kovnik Joe
Koldun Lord

-Feral warpwolf
-Warpwolf stalker

Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones + UA
Blackclad wayfarer

Man, the new Gorax sculpt looks a lot better than the old one. PP, please do a new sculpt for the Winterguard -_- Anyway, we play scenario #15, Restoration. I end up going second.

Turn 1
-Right, he runs everything up.
+2 focus on Conquest. I cast Fortune on Conquest, escort on Harkevich and move up. Conquest moves up and shoots the objective since I think the pureblood next to it is still out of range. I crit and the pureblood is near enough that it goes flying as well. Everything else runs

Turn 2
-My opponent decides to use his pureblood to run the other way. He tries to flank me on my Winterguard side. Feral moves up a bit. He's being really cautious here. Understandable since he's not playing eKaya.
+I try to CRA his feral, get in a few good hits but I'm going to be paying the price later on since my WG are very close to him now. I shoot with Conquest and I forget his shifting stones UA is stealthed -_- Luckily he didn't go stormform on me the previous turn and I somehow manage to kill him through deviations. Big Gun + Broadsides go into the pureblood but I don't crit. 
Turn 3 
-Right, his warpwolf gets sprint on him. He tramples up past 2 of my WG and then proceeds to hit the WG in front of him. Let me just say I've never made this many tough rolls in a row at once before. But then I make up for it by failing every other tough roll later on. He almost can't sprint back out because he failed to kill the WG in front of him and because his way back is blocked by the 2 WG he failed to kill. However, his warpath allows him to turn around since previously he had no LOS to them and he buys attack until they die. Then he sprints out. His pureblood moves up.
+Right... I really want to take out his feral which is right in front of my WG. I can't see his pureblood cause it's further behind. But that would probably require my winterguard to CRA or boost attack rolls since it's def 14. In a forest, which means def 16. Hard to hit on a rat 5. Anyway, I decide to take a chance. I activate conquest, I shoot the feral. I amazingly crit. It and the pureblood go flying back but the feral only flies back 1" while the pureblood flies back 4". This solves my problem since the feral is now KDed. All my WG go up and shoot it in the face. Surprisingly, quite a few shots bounce off the armor -_- But when you have 8 guys shooting at you...the feral dies. I broadsides on the gorax and I crit again. Lol. Fortune rerolls are great. He and Kromac go flying. 
Turn 4
-Right, now I'm probably within charge range of his stalker if he wants to charge my conquest. I'm not too worried because I don't think 1 stalker can take down a conquest by itself and I have mechaniks nearby. He originally wanted to teleport the stalker, though I'm not sure where to since Harkevich wasn't anywhere near 8" or 10..or 12" but he realised his stones weren't in the correct formation. So instead he does something funny. He charges my winterguard but fails to kill it. He chooses not to buy attacks for some reason. I suspect he's worried about frenzying later on. His pureblood moves up and tries to whack the winterguard. I remind him he has a 10" spray and my WG are all in a nice bunch for him to spray but he chooses not to. I'm not sure why. Basically, he beats them and I fail all my tough rolls. Yeah...the streak couldn't last.
-Um...both wolves are within 11" of the conquest. You know what this means. WG charge to the side and try and beat them with boosted melee attack rolls. Harkevich feats. Conquest comes in to finish the job. I boost the charge attack roll and nearly 1 shot the pureblood. I choose not to boost the other attack rolls and let Fortune help me in hitting them. Tl;dr Both wolves are dead at the end of Conquests activation. Everything else runs up to surround Harkevich who's sitting pretty at armor 21. This is just in case he shifting stones his gorax to beat me. My opponent seeing this, concedes. 

Thoughts on game
Okay, I have no idea why my opponent didn't spray during that turn. I think he misjudged the threat range of the colossal as well but I would have been a happy camper as long as I managed to take down 1 other warpwolf and then sat as I watched the last one try to take the conquest down. 

Also, note to self. Shoot shifting stones whenever possible. Even if they are stealthed. 

This was yet another game where I didn't go for the scenario win, mostly because the wolves were a large enough threat that I didn't want to divert my firepower from them at all. I probably would have charged the objective with Conquest later on, provided I could have hit the stalker at the same time.