Friday, 26 October 2012

Nemo3 vs pVlad Round II

Or what I like to call 'Call the lightning!!" -_-


Journeyman warcaster
Stormsmith caller x 2
Stormsmith Tower x 2
Arlan Strangewayes


Nyss with Valachev
Koldun Lord

Right, SR scenario 17, Diversion. This time, I have more infantry to help shield Nemo3. With 2+ units on the board now, I manage to hit tier 3 of Nemo3s tier list as well. 

Turn 1
-Right, this time I've learnt my lesson. I place only 2 lightning pods. One near me and one near the enemy. Stormwall runs and places another one. Everything else runs. Arcane shield is cast on stormwall.
+He shoots my lightning pods with the Nyss. Behemoth aims for the stormguard.

Turn 2
-Stormguard run so that they are near the Nyss. I run one too far up and accidentally engage him. That means if I want to shoot them, I'm suffering a minus 4 penalty thanks to it being engaged. My original plan was to shoot the stormguard from the back; ranked attack means I can ignore all the intervening stormguard for LOS, and then have it electroleap to the nearby guys. Anyway, I solve the problem by moving Stormwall first then placing a lightning pod near the Nyss. I shoot the lightning pod with everything I have. I'm actually out of range for 1 stormsmith tower but between Nemo and the last stormsmith, 6 Nyss die this turn. 
+He can charge my Stormwall with Behemoth if he feats this turn. But thanks to the huge number of stormguard in the way, he can't charge it with Spriggan. There are just too many bodies. Instead, he tries to assassinate Nemo3 and almost succeeds. But the Nyss have lost their leader which means no CRA which means it's much harder for them to hit thought S&P helps mitigate some of them. It's VERY VERY close. In the end, I'm left with 2 life on Nemo3. Seriously, I need to shield him better. He tries to shoot the stormsmith tower to stop my lightning shenanigans but it's out of range for the spriggan. 

Turn 3
-I'm within range to charge the Behemoth with the stormwall this turn but there are several Nyss in the way. I charge the Behemoth with my stormguard first with 2 charging another 2 Nyss, and I electroleap from Behemoth to the Nyss to clear out some of them. Of the Nyss I charged, I miss 1 but the other hits and the resulting electroleap takes care of the one I missed. Sweet.  Stormsmith caller moves up and calls down the lightning on the last Nyss blocking the way. Now Stormwall charges and wrecks the Behemoth. It also places a lightning pod near eEiryss.  Journeyman warcaster casts arcane shield on Nemo3 so I'm at armor 19. Then I move Nemo3 up, feat and shoot the lightning pod so it arcs to eEiryss who's basically the only target. She dies.  
+He tries to assassinate Nemo3 again, feats with Vlad but he ends up just being out of range for his 10" gun on spriggan. He fails to do much against armor 24 Nemo3, although even if it hit, it probably would have been hard. He had to roll 16 on 3d6.

Turn 4
-Stormwall charges pVlad, boost attack roll, hit with the charge attack. 2nd fist continues, boost attack again and kills pVlad. 

Thoughts on game
It was risky trying to take down pVlad instead of the Spriggan though doing so would instantly grant me the game. But if say for some reason I missed pVlad due to horrible die rolls, I would try to use the stormsmith caller to disrupt the Spriggan and then KILL the Koldun Lord somehow. This would at least grant Nemo3 some time to run away. 

Being able to shoot my own lightning immune infantry in the back really helped with chain lightning-ing the opponent to death too. That and the lightning pods work wonders as chain lightning choices. It might actually be more useful to take in more things with electroleap than the stormsmith callers.