Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Vlad3 vs Conquest

Another SR practice report and one that's long overdue.


Doomreavers w/ Greylord escort
Mortar Crew


Winterguard + UA
Kovnik Joe
Aiyana and Holt

Right, a simple SR scenario. Destroy 2 objectives in order and you win the game. They can only be destroyed from the 2nd turn onwards. I win initiative.

Turn 1
-Right, Vlad does the usual. Hand of fate, dash, he charges towards Conquest. It's so nice to have something whose LOS can not be blocked at all. Everyone else runs.
+He runs up to try and protect his objectives. Conquest shoots but misses the uhlans. Widowmakers whittle down the doomreavers.

Turn 2
-Right, Vlad feats. He runs in, kills several of the winterguards protecting the objective. Whenever they make a toughroll, he flashing blades again. Then he runs away. Uhlans charge into Objective 1, impacting whatever is in the way which isn't much, and destroy it. Several of them use the sprint to walk in front of Conquest to block it from moving away. Drago runs up; a mistake. Markov charges into Objective 2 and then the doomies. Due to Drago going first, I actually accidentally block my charge lane -_- Otherwise I'd have popped BOTH objectives this turn. It was left with 6 life left and I hadn't managed to contact it with 2 doomreavers.
+He uses the WGDS and Conquest to kill my units but then realises he can't win. I have 2 uhlans left, Markov and Fenris and Drago and 1 doomreaver. The last objective has 6 hp. I'm definitely killing it next turn. He concedes
Thoughts on game
This worked out pretty well for me, except for me blocking my own way with Drago. Otherwise, this list hits pretty hard and pretty fast. Clear LOS to everything helped too. Mortar crew did nothing though because they totally missed during that 1 turn they had where they didn't run.