Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Nemo3 + Stormwall vs pVlad

In which my opponent tests his pVlad list against what he's likely to be facing in the upcoming tournament.

Stormsmith caller
Stormsmith Tower
Arlan Strangewayes


Nyss with Valachev
Koldun Lord

Right. Scenario 17; Diversion. I'm playing Nemo3s theme list, up to tier 2 so I place 3 lightning pods anywhere within 20" of my deployment edge. I also end up going first.

-Right, I made a mistake in that I shouldn't have placed all 3 lightning pods. This means when I want to move Stormwall later on, I won't be able to place any lightning pods cause there are 3 on the table. And I can't really shoot any of them cause...well, they're immune to electricity and all my range attacks are electrical.....Anyway, everything runs. Nemo forcehammers one of the lightning pods. Stormwall runs and places a new one.
+His nyss move up and shoot all my lightning pods. eEiryss moves to flank

Turn 2
-Thunderhead moves up as bait. Stormwall moves up even more, shoots a few Nyss and lays down covering fire. Stormsmith tries to hit eEiryss with a call but fails. Thunderhead has Failsafe cast on it to give it +2 armor.
+Spriggan goes into Thunderhead but he rolls really badly and even with 3 focus on Spriggan, Thunderhead is still slightly over 1/2 functional. eEiryss moves up to make sure Thunderhead can't get any focus. 

Turn 3
-Right, I make a mistake this turn. I charge Spriggan with Arlan to disrupt him when actually I didn't need to bother. The fact was if Eiryss was within range of Thunderhead to prevent focus allocation, she was within range of the Spriggan as well. I should have used him to give Thunderhead focus. Anyway, Thunderhead moves and beats the Spriggan but rolls horribly. I charge with Stormwall and then proceed to roll horribly. How horribly? I rolled double 1s during 1 attack at -1 damage. End of story, Spriggan is still alive and still has cortex and the spear arm. -_- This is quite dangerous so I end up moving Nemo3 to forcehammer the spriggan. I succeed but I also end up leaving Nemo3 very very open.
+Due to the fact that his spriggan is now KD, it means that the Nyss can draw LOS to Nemo through him. One CRA plus 2 boosted attack rolls from Behemoth later, Nemo3 is dead.

Thoughts on game
Okay, I probably need more of an infantry screen. This army works IF I'm not playing scenario and can wait for the opponent to come to me but not otherwise. Also, I'm too used to playing casters like Vlad, Karchev, eIrusk, Harkevich which all have better survivability than Nemo3 it seems. Need to be a lot more careful with Nemo3 than I would be normally.