Friday, 19 October 2012

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

The year is 1994, except it really isn't. Instead, it's 2012 and this is a remake of the old 1994 classic of the same name.

So how is the game? Well, I'd have to say 'short' in a way. Though the missions remain challenging all the way up till you get the very best armor and weapons (and there's a solution for that, it's called play "Classic" mode), there doesn't seem to be much variety in missions. I was always going around to kill aliens either when they a)attacked people or b)at their UFO site. Granted, the game does revolve around killing aliens but there just feels like there needs to be more mission variety. More enemy variety might have helped too since most of the enemies are merely upgraded versions of previous enemies. 

However, like I said, the missions do remain challenging since the aliens can always easily sneak up on you and kill you, even when you think you're safe behind that piece of cover. If you're not behind any cover, you're probably already dead.

As such it is a pretty decent game, although the resource management system seems a bit simplified (hint; build lots of satellites first, get engineers and capture aliens whenever possible). 

There are only 4 possible character classes in the game and each class has a different skill tree. However, there are basically certain skills you should definitely have for every class, which means the other skill that corresponds to it is probably never ever going to be picked. Whether this is incidental or accidental is uncertain, but my own personal opinion on skill trees is that one skill should never really be auto-chosen over the others.

Another gripe I have with it is that currently it doesn't seem to support saving on the steam cloud. This means I can't play the same game on my laptop and PC. 

Is it worth the full price though? Probably not. As much as I like the game, it lacks some depth to be worth its current asking price. I recommend waiting for the steam sale.