Thursday, 11 October 2012

Harkevich VS Vlad3

There are a quite a few frequent Khador players in my meta, which explains why a lot of my matchup is against my own faction.


Winterguard + UA
Kovnik Joe
Aiyana and Holt
Koldun Lord


Gun Carriage
Min Uhlans
Max Uhlans

Right, I win deployment so I go first. There are 2 zones that we need to control in the centre of the point. Each is a rectangular zone. If we control one zone, we get 1 VP and we can't get another VP from it. First to get 2 VP wins. The funny part is the zones are 4" apart and Conquest is on a 5" base...

Turn 1
-Fortune + Escort are cast. Fortune on Conquest. Everything else runs. 
+He runs most of his stuff. His Guncarriage tries to scatter templates but doesn't hit anything. Vlad moves up and windwalls. Everything else clusters near him. Now he can't be hit by non-magic attacks.

Turn 2
-Hmm...I have Aiyana and Holt -_- I move up and shoot Drago with the conquest after using Aiyana's ability on him to give him magic weapons. Originally I was thinking of hitting Vlad but decided on Drago instead cause of lower defense. Was also thinking of spraying them with the Winterguard but most of the WG are out of range. Anyway, I do a fair bit of damage to drago then I continue shooting with the linked guns. I stagger my WG in front of the Conquest to block charge lanes so that even if they impact attack and kill the front guy, they have to stop at the 2nd guy.
+Vlad runs away. Drago comes forward to kill the winterguard. Gun Carriage shoots even more stuff but fail to hit. He scores a point on one of the areas due to me leaving it undefended >_<

Turn 3
-Drago dies to CRA from the winterguard. Conquest continues shooting whatever he can see, thanks to the forest in front of him but I move him so he straddles the two zones. No more scoring points for my opponent until Conquest is dead! I feat just to make Conquest extra survivable. 
+Guncarriage moves forward and kills several winterguard with deviations. He moves his uhlans so that they're trying to come the other way. I'm guessing he's trying to find a way to go into my conquest and kill it in 1 turn since I have mechanics around to repair it.

Turn 4
-Conquest shoots and crits one of the uhlans. Sends 2 of them flying. Aiyana curses the Guncarriage and everything shoots it. Seriously can not believe how many times I failed to penetrate it's armor with a pow 14 gun. The entire WG crew shot at it. The Koldun Lord shot at it,  Harkevich shot at it and Broadsided and it still survived cause 1/2 my shots seemed to bounce of it.
+His non-knocked down uhlan moves into my mechanics. Kills some of them, along with the winterguard. Vlad moves to the other side of the forest. I don't know why. I can't see him, that's true...but there are other ways... Gun Carriage shoots more stuff and kills Aiyana. 

Turn 5
-I give Conquest 3 focus, move the Winterguard to the edge of the forest, have everything else move away and then have the Conquest charge the Winterguard. He can see the Winterguard, moves 9 and kills the winterguard and suddenly Vlad is in LOS and reach. 2 attacks later, Vlad is dead. 

Thoughts on game
My opponent's rationale was that he really really wanted to kill Aiyana and Holt and didn't want to move in until they were dead. I have no idea. If he had sent all his uhlans into me, Conquest probably would have died, which was why I screened him so hard. He probably thought Vlad was safe at the end as well, although i really could have just trampled over and beat him. With less than 3" charge movement, the uhlans couldn't have done anything to me. I really wanted to kill at least 1 unit of uhlans to prevent them from being able to do much to me but he managed to keep away pretty well.

Fortune otoh saved my bacon during the last turn. Almost missed Vlad but thanks to the reroll, I killed him.