Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Vlad3 vs Gaspy3

A match of the Legendary warcasters! Although to be honest, this Gaspy3 doesn't have caustic mists and DOESN'T bring back dead models so frankly, less trepid of him than I am of eGaspy.



Widowmaker marksman


Bane Knights

He wins deployment. Standard SR scenario, 2 zones on each side. I need to control his to get a point, he needs to control mine to get a point. There's some special rule that if there is nobody contesting the zone, you get 2 points. 

Btw that forest in the middle? I hate that forest -_-

Turn 1
-He casts ashen veil on the bane knights and runs up. They're now on a hill.
+Vlad casts dash, hands of fate on Uhlans. Everything else runs up except widowmakers who try to shoot the bane knights. Who are now def 16 on hill...Yeah, that didn't work out too well.

Turn 2
-More running up from him. He's setting up so that he can block me from controlling his zone while be able to contest mine. 
+I do something either really stupid or really really awesome. As it turns out, I'm probably partially vindicated. Maybe. I give Drago 3 focus. Vlad casts dash, moves up a bit so he can charge the next turn and then the widowmakers walk away from the cankerworm. Widowmakers + Dash are a surprisingly good and easy combo. Anyway, so now that they're free of the area. Drago runs up to the bane knights and then explodes. He comes this close to killing vociferon and kills 7 banes. Worth it? I have no idea but I was being pressured on two sides while I couldn't really defend both so I needed some way to at least partially maul the other side. Doomreavers send out a test troop to kill some troops but most of the models hang backwards, waiting for the charge opportunity.

Turn 3
-Right, I've left my zone too undefended. Damn. He manages to use cankerworm to kill the only things in my zone that's defending it and then control it. That gains him 2 points. He only needs 3 to win. I'm suddenly back on the defensive here. 
+Vlad feats, he runs into the bloodgorgers hoping to stack up bloodquenched. He manages to kill a few and then he spends a few focus trying to kill Gerlag...who makes a lot of tough rolls. Once he does, he runs backward to try and contest the point. Probably would have done better to get one of the uhlans to try it instead. Anyway, Markov charges the Cankerworm but fails to down anything but he sidesteps away anyway into Vlad3, hoping to protect Vlad. Doomies charge the bloodgorges. Uhlans impact into the bloodgorgers. Fenris runs so he's trying to flank the army.

Turn 4
-Canker Worm moves up to Markov and 1 shots him. There goes my plan for him to protect Vlad. Anyway, lots of bane knights charge Vlad. Vlad dies.

Thoughts on game
Hmm, I probably could have used someone else to protect Vlad as well, instead of just depending on Markov. Ideally, I may have wanted to keep running while I just circle around the entire forest. Btw, 1 forest in the centre? That's not so bad for this list to work around. 3 forests however...I have a bit of issue with not having enough charge lanes to clear out stuff reliably. 

Instead of heading up front to confront them, the doomies and widowmakers could have defended my objective while my army basically run around to get at Gaspy 3, who would have to be defended by either the bloodgorgers or the mechanithralls. 

It would also work with the fact that sprint allows me to move FORWARD after I kill something, not just retreat. So technically I could feat even earlier, sprint forward after killing something to get an extra 9" of movement which would allow me to flank the enemy even faster.