Saturday, 12 May 2012

Angry Man vs Angry Man

So a pButcher vs pButcher list. My opponent wanted to try out his pButcher winterguard list and I wanted to try out my cracky 3 devastators + demolisher list. We both knew what list the other was bringing (well, in so far as I knew he was fielding WGDS and IFP and he knew I was bringing 3 devs and 1 demo) so you could say we're both prepared for each other in a way. I was even discussing with him my kill strategy the night before when he said he wanted to try out his pButcher list and we decided to have it out. 

From the mind that brought you 2 GunCarriages....

-Devastator x 3

pAlexia and the Risen.


Winterguard Death Star
Kovnik Joe
Vanilla IFP + UA
Widowmaker marksman

He wins initiative so he goes first.

Turn 1
-He runs all his units forward.
+I move up normally, partially because I decide to assign 2 focus to Demolisher and I want to cast IF later on so I don't have enough to spare to get all my jacks to run. Originally I thought I was close enough that I could shoot the winterguard (who are pretty far up) with the demolisher and have it scatter somewhere in their centre. End result? It's too far and I only just manage to barely nick 1 winterguard, killing it. IF is put onto Alexia and co.

Turn 2
-He moves his winterguard up further and decides to start shooting me. He has issues hitting the risen simply because I put IF on them and he chose to take fearless + tough instead of boosted attack rolls from joe. Anyway, he's now fairly close to me. 
+I upkeep IF, cast Full Throttle. Alexia runs so she's in place to reap souls. Her risen are also blocking charge lanes and the behemoth's path. 1 demolisher charges up to the nearby winterguards, bulldozing them to that he's in a good position to rain of death. I do and quite a few models die. Demolisher clears out some more as well. Rest of my jacks run so that they're in staggered positions so that if BB charges me, he wont be able to engage all of them or 2 of them at once.

Turn 3
-He moves up quite a lot. He decides to try and eliminate my opened up devastator. He shoots it with some winterguard. Nope, doesn't do it. Meanwhile, his widowmakers are killing more risen and trying to hit Alexia (Not working either). Behemoth tramples the other way to clear the way for the IFP to charge. He then minifeats with the IFP and charges the opened up Dev. Most of them are out of charge run and only 3 manage to contact the Dev. However, these IFP have fury on them so it hurts quite a bit. However my Dev manages to survive with 4 boxes left and with movement still up. That's pretty much all I need. He reforms with his pikemen but not far enough.
+This is it. My kill turn. Alexia pops her risen out. Demolisher gets 2 focus. pButcher moves, feats, cast full throttle and then tries to shoot someone. It fails. But that's okay, I wasn't depending on it. Demolisher shoots into the crowd, trying to do glancing damage. He kills some winterguard. More souls for Alexia! Anyway, Dev1 (the one that was open before) charges into the pikemen that are surrounding him.He can't bulldoze them very far but he doesn't need to. He rains of death. Boom, almost an entire unit of IFP are dead. Dev2 charges into the IFP as well. More are dead. Dev 3 charges into the remaining winterguard. Boom, all are gone. So now all he has left on the table is Behemoth, Kovnik Joe, the widowmakers, the marksman and the dog. However, I expect my units to start dying very very soon.  Alexia activates and moves up a bit further to try and frustrate Butcher if he tries to cast any spells. 1 risen moves to engage Behemoth; who's now out of pButcher's control area.

Turn 4
-Yep. Dev1 dies horribly to a charge from Kovnik Joe. Behemoth can't do much because he can't get any focus from pButcher due to being out of his control area. He kills the risen engaging him though. Butcher charges Dev3 and wrecks it as well. Widowmakers keep trying to shoot the risen and Alexia. Kill the risen but not Alexia.
+I pop out a LOT of risen. I drop IF. I full throttle the other way and try to engage the widowmakers (MORE SOULS FOR ALEXIA!!) I also cast fury on the risen to up their pathetic damage. Meanwhile Demolisher shoots Kovnik Joe and kills, making sure to stay out of charge range of Butcher. The risen and Alexia run to engage the widowmakers and the Behemoth to prevent them from doing anything (Behemoth is STILL outside Butchers control area)

Turn 5
-My opponent concedes since it's very unlikely he'll catch up to me and even if he runs, I'll just ROD him while waiting in the background with my own Butcher. Meanwhile, I'll constantly tie up his Behemoth while my risen prevent the widowmakers from shooting. 

Thoughts on game
Well...this was more interesting than I thought it would be really. I thought my crack list was really really cracky. May have just been the match-up though since his units were mostly paper thin (except for the IFP). And the BDFP would have been very very dangerous if I had to try and break armor 22. It's still possible but a lot harder. 

Turn 3 was very very good to me though. For one thing, I wasn't expecting my opened up Devastator to survive. That it did meant one more rain of death I could add to the damage otherwise I might have had to leave some winterguards alive. Instead, I was able to fully commit all my resources and wipe all his units off the board. Of course, i was kinda stuck with Behemoth on the other side of the table and my plan was to run all the way there with my 2 jacks and then beat the crap out of it. 3 focus to each. Just charge in, buy attacks. Once BB was gone, i was pretty much safe but my opponent could see it coming and conceded, saving us the time.