Thursday, 3 May 2012

pButcher VS eGaspy

So yet another Cryx fight. In case someone was wondering, yes, I do play against Cryx a lot. Mostly because one of the regulars down where I game is a Cryx player. 

Right, so I'm testing out my pButcher list again. This time I'm swapping out the cutthroats for Kayazy Assassins to see how they perform. I also took out the eliminators to up my IFP to a full squad and put in wardog and Eiryss with the points.


Winterguard Rifle Corps
Kovnik Joe
Black Dragon Fang pikemen + UA
Kayazy Assassin + Underboss


Bile thralls
Bane Knights

Right, another SR scenario where we're supposed to control the zone in the centre while capturing a flag with our warcaster. I win deployment so I go first.

Turn 1
-I run upwards
+He runs upwards and casts smoke on his guys. (I seriously seriously hate that spell)

Turn 2
-I move up further, moving my juggernaut out into the open.
+He uses the reaper to drag my Juggs out into the open where he proceeds to wail on it. Nope. Still alive. Bane Knights charge it. Misses with 2 of them and Juggs still has 6 boxes left and all systems but movement are up. eGaspy uses more smoke.
Turn 3
-Juggs gets 3 focus to him and wrecks the Reaper. Rest of my unit moves up with some of the pikemen standing forward as a screen to block either the gorgers or the bile thralls. My riflecorps lay down covering fire. 
+He destroys my juggernaut while the rest of his bane knights move upwards. He charges my pikemen standing by themselves and kills them. 

Turn 4
-My pikemen feat and walk up to stall them.They kill off the bloodgorgers that have come up. My riflecorps lay down more surpressing fire.
+He runs up with his baneknights to block pButcher's movement. Rest of stuff runs up

Turn 5
-My riflecorps lay down supressing fire again to block their charge lane. (Seriously, can someone let me know if this works? The rules just say I need to be able to forfeit an action and nothing about being engaged) 
+He manages to catch a lot of my units in his bile thrall purge due to me being careless. Things don't look good for me. Meanwhile, a lot of my rifle corps and Kovnik Joe die.

Turn 6
-Kayazy feat and charge his chicken. Two of them run to engage his bile thralls to stop them from purging. Butcher feats and cast IF on himself. Pikemen charge Gerlak and the chicken. Fail to kill both of them. Seriously wth. 
+Gerlak fails to hit my pikemen. Bane Knights finish the rest of the rifle corps and try to kill Butcher but fail. Gaspy comes up and casts an AOE corrosion spell on them, hitting the chicken as well.

Turn 7

-I make sure to kill Tartarus. Now eGaspy has to summon him out if he wants to have a reliable chance of hitting me. 
+Nope, he chooses to kill most of my stuff instead. He runs his bane knights away to try and secure the central point while his bloodgorgers charge me. Still fail to kill butcher. eGaspy charges the underboss and then teleports back. But he's not in range to count as controlling the flag. 

Turn 8
-I shoot the bane knights with obliteration, killing several of them. I then whack the closest bloodgorger. It's turned into a war of very bad attrition.
+His bonejack melts from his own corrosion, lol. Anyway, he gets a point during this turn. 

Turn 9
-I try to obliterate his bane knights to below 50% unit strength. I fail to do so. With no way out and with only pButcher left on table, I see no way to win and concede. 

Thoughts on game:
Well, I made several mistakes during the game. One was when I should have used my riflecorps to shoot the bane knights instead of trying to suppressing fire them. With 10 rifle corps, I probably could have destroyed what remained of the entire bane knight unit. Not to mention Butcher was still there, as was Eiryss. Instead, I've been conditioned to NOT kill bane knights, a mistake which I will have to rectify.

Didn't get much use out of Eiryss at all. I need to play her more. She's very useful but that means nothing if I can't play her although IF on her is quite sick. 

I also grouped my units a tad too closely and got most of them purged by his bile thralls. That was a really bad mistake on my part. If not, I might still have had units to take down the remainder of his troops instead of having Butcher surrounded. 

As it is, Kayazy assassins are nice but I'm still tempted to put in cutthroats instead. It's apparently one of those things.