Monday, 21 May 2012

Several Trolls walked into a Gun Carriage

And went ouch. It's actually been a while since this battle was played and my memory may be a bit hazy on the actual specifics. As for why I took this long to write it down...well, I blame Diablo. 


Min unit of MOW Demo Corps
2x GunCarriages
2x Min unit of Mechanics
Field Gun
Mortar Crew

-Keg carrier
-Dire troll bomber
-Slag troll

Fennblades + UA
Fellcaller hero
Trollkin champions

Anyway, I usually just play this list once against most people just to see their reactions when they get hit by 2 Guncarriages with FireForEffect on them. However, it isn't so simple this time... He wins deployment.

-He runs his units way up
+Gun Carriages take care of quite a few of the fennblades. I feat with eIrusk, catching his 2 units in my feat. I also try to make sure his other unit, the champions can not move anywhere later on thanks to rough terrain from artifice of deviation.

-His fennblades insist on coming forward, thanks to vengeance. His other unit can't do much. -2 speed + rough terrain leaves them pretty much stuck where they are. He kills 2 of my demo corps with his fennblades.
+ In revenge, I wipe out almost his full unit of fennblades. 

-He moves up, using his slag troll to shoot and nearly kill 1 guncarriage.
+Thanks to his combo of Windwall + Girded, I can't really do much to him. I do believe I have found a very hard counter to the 2 guncarriage spam. Meanwhile, my demolisher runs up while I keep AODing his champions. 

Turn 4
-He finally kills 1 GC. 
+In desperate times, normal men become great heroes. Or at least thats what I say when I use eIrusk to cast battlelust on a group of mechanics and then charge them into his bomber. Surprisingly, they manage to do a fair bit of damage to it. This isn't the first time battlelusted mechanics have proven useful at taking down warjacks/beasts when I need them to. Meanwhile my demolisher runs towards the impaler. 

-He shoots the remaining GC and nearly kills it as well. Meanwhile my mechanics get chewed up by his bomber
+My demolisher chews up his axer. eIrusk charges the champions but actually fails to kill them. WTH. 

-eIrusk takes some damage from the champions but they don't manage to kill him. Meanwhile the other Guncarriage dies.
+My demolisher charges into bomber and kills it. My mechanics charge the slag troll and wound it but due to not having battlelust on them (they were too far), they don't manage to kill it. Also, I missed a LOT of attack rolls.

-Slag troll munches the mechanics. Borka charges my mortar crew, kills them.
+Demolisher charges the slag troll and kills it. Irusk shoots the fellcaller hero and kills it. 

-Borka kills my fieldgun. We're now at an impasse. He has no fury generation left. He can keep casting windwall but he needs to cut himself constantly for that at which point victory is mine. He has no other units left on board but Borka while I have eIrusk and the demolisher. He decides to see how this goes. He does NOT cast windwall but casts IF on himself.
+ I attempt to shoot Borka with a FFE demolisher and miss. But I also put an AOD on in front of Borka.

-Borka moves towards me but can't get far due to rough terrain. He has to cut himself again to upkeep IF.
-I upkeep FFE then I move eIrusk and place two AOD templates right next to each other so that if he wanted to go to demolisher, he would have to go through at least 8 inches of rough terrain. I then move backwards, have the demolisher move backwards as well and continue trying to shoot him. He sees where the game is going and concedes.

Thoughts on game:
Okay. This was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Windwall + Girded(bomb shelter) is a pretty hard counter to FFE and AOE spams. At least with windwall up, there is still a chance I might do some damage to Borka or the light warbeasts with FFE on. But with Bombshelter on at the same time? There's no hope of that. But on the other side, it meant he was pretty much moving at the slowest possible speed since all his units had to be completely within 3" for windwall to work. I would have charged his warbeasts with my Guncarriage if I thought it could work and if I could hit them with my guns while they were knocked down but it wasn't possible. And since my democorps were taken out very early on, I had nothing that could really hurt the warbeasts; except for maybe battlelusted mechanics -_-.

Hence, I really had to play the range game with my opponent, although I was lucky he chose not to concentrate on the demolisher for some reason and chose to charge towards my mortar crew. I think he figured that with his bomber dead and with no more bomb shelter, he needed to kill my key range units asap. But this left his slag troll open to my demolisher and once I killed that, he had no more fury generation.