Wednesday, 9 May 2012

SW RPG 040512

Hiara shak (hiara'shak),twilek noble and daughter of a prominent slave trader in coruscant. She's out to have fun and try out new things. Towards that purpose, she has hired some tough looking guys to try out bounty hunting along with her friend, Alicia.

RC-1148, 'Prime'. Soldier. Republic Clone Commando, leader of Gamma Squad. Engaged with Separatist forces on Fellucia when Order 66 was issued. Refused to follow orders due to morality conflict. Killed squad mates when they refused to follow his orders to stand-down. Now a fugitive and on the run. Currently serving as a mercenary.

Zuul; human scout. Enlisted in the army after the clone wars but dropped out of boot camp as he found military life not to be to his liking.

Mahsid; Mon Calamari soldier. 

Prime wakes up first to find people trying to take off his armor. He lashes out and scares them away. He notices they're in the middle of a garbage dump in the middle of a slum somewhere. He wakes up the rest. They discover their items are missing. Zuul notices a little boy looking at them. When the little boy notices they noticed him, he starts to run off but they manage to catch up to him.

They ask him what happened. He says that some men dumped them here and then some others scavenged from them. They try to persuade him to help them but he asks what's in it for him. They try to persuade him but fail. Eventually he settles for 2 blaster pistols and 100 credits.

As they leave, they notice a figure wearing surprisingly familiar clothes. It's a gungan. Zuul and Prime approach him.

Gungan: Yesa, how can mesa help yousa?

Prime accuses him of stealing the clothes. Gungan says “No, no, these are all bought by mesa from walmart”. Mahsid and Prime knock him out and all the other scavengers run away. They strip the gungan and take his clothes and discover he has a blaster pistol on him. They give it to the kid who proves to be a crack shot.

They go to the bar. Along the way, they hear a newscast about a warehouse that had blown up mysteriously. The picture shown on the newscast is of a very familiar warehouse.

They go to the bar. When they walk in, they notice a pair of people looking startled when they walk in. The pair surreptitiously try to walk out the back door but the party splits up to corner them. The pair try to break past the soldier but he trips one of them while the other runs away. Prime and Zuul give chase while Mahsid tries; not very succesfully to grapple with the guy on the ground. 

Eventually they subdue both thugs and knock them out. They take them back to the dump where they interrogate the two. They ask who hired them to do this. Under interrogation, they reveal it was the twilek, Nasus; family retainer of Hiara, then they start arguing among themselves

Thug1: See, this is why I said to shoot them in the head while they were unconscious like the datapad told us to. You and your morality!
Thug2: Hey! There are certain lines I won't cross.

Prime: Where's our stuff!!!
Thug1: Um...we don't know? *innocent look*

They eventually reveal they sold the gear under intimidation from Prime. As for the money, they gave it to their mother, who's getting old and in the years. They reveal the location of the weapons dealer they sold it to and the party decides to try and get their stuff back from the weapon dealer.

They see the weapons dealer is very heavily armored. The goods are secured behind a sturdy wire fence. He also has several bodyguards, including human thugs and mechanical droids. 

The party tries to think of a way to get their stuff back but can't think of any so they decide to go back to the bar to find out about the twilek. They try to find out information about Nasus but without a bribe, they find people are very unwilling to talk to them. Eventually, they find someone who's willing to talk to them with a bribe, they manage to find out where the twilek was and that he was going to the nearby deserted warehouse area.

They go to the warehouse area. Zuul attempts to find 'twilek' tracks but can't figure out how they differentiate from human tracks *hint, they dont -_-*. They eventually find the warehouse by gathering information from the locals, and with a bit of bribery. 

When they reach the warehouse, they notice it's very quiet so they decide to  search the warehouse exterior. They end up discovering several bodies that have been very well hidden, all with a cauterised hole in their chest. They walk into the warehouse, which they discover is in total darkness. They sneak in, discover several dead bodies that all have cauterised wounds in them; similar to those found on the bodies outside. 

They sneak up to a room where they discover 2 twilek figures inside. One of them is Hiara, and the other is Nasus. Nasus is dead with a hole in his chest.

They decide to bring Hiara back to their boat hideout and rest up. When they're all on board the boat, they suddenly hear a ringing sound and they discover a holo commlink on board. Perturabo appears on the commlink and says “Oh, I see you survived the blast”. He then reveals his plan was for them to die in the blast as well since they DID cross him after all and it would be bad to let them live. He then tells them to wave and look outside. They do and see several people aiming bazookas at the boat. They immediately start running for the exits. As they do so, Prime kills one of them but the rest fire the bazookas at them and the boat explodes.

Hiaras interval

Hiara wakes up chained to a wall and Nasus is there, telling her that soon they'll be ready to get off Alderaan. He talks about how her parents want her to go back to get married to a 'nice twilek boy'. Hiara's responses are along the line of "screw off old man, I'll do what I want, when I want it".

As they're talking, the lights cut off and he shouts “Hey, what's going on”. He goes to check on it when suddenly a red lightsaber pokes out of his chest. Hiara gasps in surprise and pretends to hide and be part of the wall. 

imagine her without the wings and with a red lightsaber

From the glow of the red lightsaber, she notices it's Alicia standing there. She has changed a lot, wearing black robes and with dark eyeliner under her eyes. She pats Hiara on the face, like a disturbing pet. “ Oh thankfully you're safe Hiara. He wouldn't want anything to happen to you”

Hiara asks “What happened to you Alicia??”

Alicia: I must thank you guys for leaving me in the sewers that one time. Thanks to you, I was able to meet HIM and he was able to enlighten me.
Hiara: Enlighten you about what??
Alicia: The truth of the universe. The strong survive and the weak perish. Oh but don't worry Hiara *strokes Hiara* He has plans for you.

She whispers something to Hiara but Hiara can't seem to hear. Instead, she's getting sleepier and sleepier until she falls unconscious before Alicia.

End Interval

They go buy some stuff from the local gunmart. They then go back to the black market dealer to try and get back their weapons. They notice the same Gungan they beat up and robbed earlier on talking to the weapons dealer. Turns out they're brothers. Prime, Zuul and Mahsid decide to stay far away while Hiara tries to go and buy back their weapons. 

She fails her persuasion roll and then tries to run off with the weapon. Instead, she gets stunned for attempting to steal from the shop.The owner calls someone to drag the twilek away. Two IW come by and get the body as it turns out the weapons dealer pays protection money to the Iron Warriors. They decide to drag Hiara off somewhere and sell her. As they do so, the party ambushes them and makes short work of them.

Prime: 22
Zuul: 10
Thugs: 20

Hiara tries to go back to the black market dealers, lying that she knows the boss of the Iron Warriors and they should let her in. But they slam the door on her. When she tries to persist, she gets tasered. Again. They finally decide to go through normal means and apply for a license to get the weapon and succeed.  


A grade A cloudcuckoolander; though whether that makes her more dangerous or less dangerous is hard to say. She was once the parties baggage bitch but thanks to them dumping her in the sewers that one time, she was able to meet HIM. Before too long, the party abandoned her again, leaving her susceptible to HIS influence. As a Sith, she has found a natural outlet for the violent, pyromaniacal tendencies that run within her.