Saturday, 5 May 2012

Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar

181 Orchard Road, #B2-13/22 Orchard Central
So me and my friend found this restaurant AAAAAALLL the way at the bottom of Orchard Central, in a place where we didn't even realise existed. That probably doesn't say much about its business prospects. 

The atmosphere was pretty decent and the restaurant itself was nice and roomy so you didn't have this feeling of being cramped together. However, it's literally in the middle of somewhere most people don't know existed, in a shopping center that already has very few people visiting it. 

So anyway, we tried it out. I ordered calamaris for a starter and pizza as a main. However, the weird thing was that the pizza arrived way before the calamaris did. That's actually a no-no if you want to pretend to be a fine dining restaurant. 

Anyway, when the calamari finally arrived, they were fine except for one major detail. They were too soft. Usually, I would expect breaded calamari to be a bit firmer but that may just be a personal thing. 
Now for the pizza. It was the only thing I felt was interesting from the menu. On an unrelated side note, the tray it's being served on? That's from IKEA -_-  As for the pizza itself, it was decent but I felt that it basically lacked...toppings. It just didn't have enough toppings to basically make it appetizing. 

Overall, the food was decent but it's not really someplace I would visit again.

End Result: 4.5/10