Thursday, 10 May 2012

Witch Coven VS Angry Man

Alright, it's Angry Man vs a bunch of -itches. Who will prevail? 

Still testing out my pButcher list. I was so happy when my opponent took out his list and didn't put bile thralls in it, that I mentioned that. Only to have him promptly swap out one of the jacks and put in bile thralls -_- Note to self, keep mouth shut.


Full Croes Cutthroats + Valachev
Full Black Dragon Fang pikemen + UA
Full Winterguard Rifle Corps 
Kovnik Joe
Harlan Versh

Witch Coven

Bile Thralls
Bane Knights

Right, no scenario this time around. I win initiative so I go first. 

Turn 1
-I run all my units up. 
+He runs most of his units up. He pops smoke in front of Deathjack with veil of mists. He feats as well with the witch coven. This prevents my models in his control radius from seeing beyond 5" mostly. Quite annoying this is.
Turn 2
-Right, I try to weather out his feat. Croes cut throats try to shoot deathjack. They only manage to ping his armor due to me not reading pButchers feat carefully. (It's models in control radius not model/unit -_-) My rifle corps lay down suppressing fire while my pikemen move in shieldwall and minifeat. 
+He purges with bile thralls to try and ping my IFP. He does not roll high enough to go through their armor of 22. He does kill a cut throat and dent the Juggernaut though. Deathjack tramples and kills more cutthroats. Damn, those are dying at a quick rate. Although against cryx, they're not that useful. The infernal machined helldiver slams my Jugg into one of my rifle corps, killing it. 

Turn 3
-First things first. I test for corrosion on my units. Every single one goes out except for 1 IFP. My cut throats continue shooting the deathjack. Not much use with that. Kovnik Joe gives the rifle corps boosted attack rolls. My rifle corps goes up to to shoot the bane knights. I make a mistake here and bunch them too closely together. I didn't need to do that considering that their range is 14". Anyway, I kill almost the entire squad of bane knights with my shooting. My pikemen take down another 1. Harlan Versh proves to be the man of the hour when he sees the helldiver with infernal machine, and then shoots it to death. Meanwhile, that leaves my juggernaut; who had 3 focus allocated to him this turn, with nothing to do -_-. 
+His bile thralls come up to purge most of my rifle corp away. His deathjack tramples upwards so that he's very close to pButcher. He runs his bonejack forward to try and cast stygian abyss on me so that he can shadowbind me on a critical. Nope, doesn't happen.  

Turn 4
- I allocate 1 focus to Juggernaut and everything else to myself. Kovnik Joe gives the riflecorps fearless and he then goes up to shoot the Skarlock. It dies. Rifle corp move up to try and shoot Tartarus but fail to hit him. Pikemen charge. 3 of them kill the chicken, with the first guy downing the movement of the jack (thank you precision strike!). The rest kill the remaining bane knights locked in combat with them. pButcher sees deathjack, pButcher charges deathjack. Finally, I manage to put the jack down after buying 3 attacks. Almost thought I wasn't going to. With 2 focus left, I cast IF on pButcher and wait. 
+With only Tartarus and 3 bile thralls on the table, my opponent sees no way to win this and concedes. 

Thoughts on game
Did I mention how much I hate bile thralls? Well, I do. This was a fairly straight forward game to play, although I did make several mistakes during it. 1. Didn't read pButcher's feat carefully. 2. Bunched my rifle corps too close together. If I hadn't, they might have survived to be able to kill off the last few bile thralls.

Deathjack once again proves to be a huge pain in the ass and I ended up sacrificing the cutthroats to him to keep him occupied. Bane knights without eGaspy at the helm are quite easy to take care of.