Wednesday, 2 May 2012

SW RPG 210412

Previously on SW:RPG
Our intrepid adventurers had just found the base of the mysterious Iron Warriors. However, upon entering the base, they discovered that the Iron Warriors inside had been killed. Worse yet, they could hear the sounds of gun battle coming from further within.

Hiara shak (hiara'shak),twilek noble and daughter of a prominent slave trader in coruscant. She's out to have fun and try out new things. Towards that purpose, she has hired some tough looking guys to try out bounty hunting along with her friend, Alicia.

RC-1148, 'Prime'. Soldier. Republic Clone Commando, leader of Gamma Squad. Engaged with Separatist forces on Fellucia when Order 66 was issued. Refused to follow orders due to morality conflict. Killed squad mates when they refused to follow his orders to stand-down. Now a fugitive and on the run. Currently serving as a mercenary.

Zuul; human scout. Enlisted in the army after the clone wars but dropped out of boot camp as he found military life not to be to his liking.

Zuul stealths ahead to find the source of the gunfight. He comes across another room but discovers the room is filled with bodies as well. He calls to the rest of the party to tell them the room is clear. He goes around to loot them but as he does that, 3 IW thugs burst in and see him standing over the bodies of their comrades. They start shooting.

Hiara: 10
Zuul: 19
Thugs: 1
Prime: 24

Prime misses. Zuul kills one. Hiara shoots but misses and then hides behind the clone trooper. Prime full autos and kills the remaining 2. Zuul searches their bodies. He stealthes down the tunnel again and discovers the tunnel splits into 3 directions, left, right and forward.

They do a perception check to find out where the gun sounds are coming from. They think it is to the front. Meanwhile Zuul tries to find a blood trail and discovers one leading to the right. They decide to investigate to the right first.

They discover an IW body lying on the ground, the blood trail ends at the body. The guy looks like he's been shot in the back of his head. They discover that there are several bloody footprints leading away from the body back to the split tunnel. They decide to go back and check out the left tunnel and discover a room that looks like a canteen. They do a perception check and discover that it seems like some of the chairs have been disturbed and looks like people were eating before suddenly they rushed off somewhere.

They go ahead and discover a room where there are several dead IW bodies and several dead mostly naked slavegirls; who have collars on their necks and are chained to the walls. Zuul searches the bodies and discovers several bruises on the slavegirls. Prime discovers the slavegirls seem to have a lot of bruises on them that seem consistent with signs of abuse. Zuul searches the dead IW. The slaver noble suspects they were either used as 'comfort' women or being prepared for sale.

Zuul stealths in and discovers a tunnel. He also discovers IW bodies lying around the tunnel. He looks beyond the tunnel into the room. He discovers several black figures shooting at someone hiding behind a table whos shooting back at them. All they can see is the hand of the person hiding behind a table. He notes it's really hairy.

Zuul does a perception check and discovers a cobra insignia on the armor of the black figures. He stealths in, right at the doorway and hides behind a dead body. He discovers that there are 7 of the soldiers in the room shooting at the figure behind the table. They are heavily armed and heavily armored. Zuul notes that they are moving with a precision not commonly found in thugs.

They discover one of the soldiers has been killed already hence why there are an odd number of soldiers. As they watch, another cobra soldier gets hit by the defender and is killed.

Hiara: 15
Prime: 24
Zuul: 10
Cobra: 27

They start fighting. Prime shoots one and Zuul kills him off. 5 cobra troops continue shooting and down the noble. Prime and Zulu kill off another one. They start trying to to drag away their dead comrades but the party doesn't let them. 3 left. When only 2 are left, the last 2 cobra troopers say “COBRA!”, punch in a code and then explode, blowing themselves and all the dead cobra troopers up, showering the party with chunks of gore.

They ask the defender to come out. He asks “Who are you guys, why are you here?” They try to convince him that they're here to help him. In the end, both parties decide to put down their weapons first to talk. 

Zuul notices the defender is the size of an ewok.

Hiara talks to the defender, asking if he knows about the documents. Snake says he knows nothing. But he arranges for them to meet the leader of the iron warriors since they did manage to save him after all. They also talk about the black troopers calling themselves COBRA and Snake says they've been attacking them a lot. 

 As they talk, they hear footsteps coming in. As they prepare themselves for a fight, several grey armored figures come in. Prime spots the words ACPD emblazoned across their chest. The cops shout “Halt! Put down your weapons!” More cops filter in. Soon, they are surrounded by 20 cops and they are dragged off to jail.

Soon they found themselves in jail. They try to talk to Snake but he shushes them and indicates the walls have ears. They spot a camera in the top corner of the room. Later, cops drag Hiara out for interrogation but she doesn't crack even when they accuse her of murdering everyone in the warehouse. They also tell her Snake sold them out. Meanwhile, Hiara keeps trying to ask them to look for Seamus Yung and he can vouch for them. 

Eventually, they drag Hiara off to another room while cops drag Zulu out for his own individual interrogation. The cops try to make him think Hiara had confessed but he doesn't believe it. Eventually they drag Prime out and interrogate him. They want him to confess but he asks for donuts in return. They give him donuts but he doesn't confess so they take the donuts away and throw him into the same room as the other party members. They keep trying to drop Seamus Yungs name and his secret code in case someone is watching on the cameras. 

They're stuck in the room for 2 hours. Later on, a robed figure comes in. The door closes behind him and the robed figure takes off his hood, revealing it's Seamus Yung. He tells them “Bloody hell, it's you again”. He says they need to stop meeting like this and they need to STOP dropping his name. He also tells them to stop pursuing the IW and that they're a dangerous gang. He says that in a few moments, they'll be freed in a few moments but he never wants to see them again.

They walk past to the armory and they spot Senator Bane Nihil walking around the police station, doing an inspection of the police force. They notice he's accompanied by a blond man. Bane glares at them disdainfully as he walks past, calling them ruffian scum. They go to collect their stuff and with a successful perception check, they notice an extra datapad in their belongings.

They walk back to the boat and check the datapad. It's an invitation to a restaurant at the top of a posh hotel along with a phrase at the bottom that just reads <<CHAOS UNDIVIDED>>. Due to the timing, they have to rush off immediately to get there in time. They also notice the weapons they left in the boat have all been sold but they get no cash from it cause their party member is missing.

They reach the hotel where the concierge asks them to leave their weapons behind. Although they're reluctant to, they eventually do. They give him the password of 'chaos undivided' and he leads them to a personal elevator. He presses some keys and ushers them in. They travel in the elevator for what seems like a long while and eventually end up in a huge, dark room. The room is so huge it's almost like an entire floor. At the far end of the room, there's a dimly let table with a man in a chair with its back facing the party. He reveals himself to be called Perturabo, the leader of the IW.

He talks to them and asks why they seem so intent on fucking over his organisation. The party protests that they were only trying to get some documents but he seems quite skeptical about that. He claims to have no knowledge of the documents that they seek. He reveals that the operations they destroyed were crucial to his organisation in terms of revenue or arms. He mentions how 'coincidental' it was that they managed to get the locations of all the places they needed to screw over his operations.

He also reveals that Cobra is working for the Empire. He tells them that despite them fucking him over again and again, they have proven to be adept at fighting Cobra and he is willing to hire them to protect an important arms deal which will give him the weapons he needs to deal with Cobra. He is willing to overlook their past transgressions against him if they help him. They try to bargain for him to let them lead his men.

Hiara: Could you give us a few of your men.
Perturabo: Look, I know you're a slaver but no.

They agree to help him. He tells the the arms deal is going down tonight at a warehouse. They go to a hospital to heal themselves first.

They reach the warehouse and with a perception check, Zuul gets a bad feeling about it but can't find out anything else. They enter the warehouse through the first entrance, go into the main warehouse , notice there's a staircase leading up.The warehouse itself only has 2 entrances, the main one they came in from and another one on the other end. 

 They find Snake there and they talk and they ask why he sold them out. 

Snake: Eh, what can I say? *shrugs*

 Zuul goes up to the rooftop to keep a lookout while the others follow Snake out to the docks through the other entrance. Zuul notices security seems lax about the warehouse. As he is about to tell Snake that his security is really bad, he hears the sounds of jet engines. Suddenly, several black aircrafts swoop out of the night sky and discharge cobra troopers in mid-air. They jet through the air with their jumpjets and start shooting while still in the air. As they do so, they shout out.

Troopers: COOOOBRAA!

Prime: 21
hiara: 13
Zulu: 24
Soldiers: 23
Thugs: 11

They fight but the IW are badly outnumbered and start dying by the droves due to being too tightly packed together. As the first wave of Cobra troopers land, they move with military precision, setting up firing lanes and decimating the IW. Not everything is going their way however as the IWs manage to down a few of the troopers, one of them is hit in mid air and his jump jet misfires, slamming him into the rooftop besides Zuul. The impact is enough to kill the trooper. However, the ships launch their 2nd wave who also start firing while in mid-air. 

The party decides to make a break for it but as they go back into the warehouse, they notice Cobra troopers storming in from the other entrance. On that side, they have what seem to be large armored exosuits. 

They run to the rooftop with a plan that they'll use the jumpjet from the dead trooper and try to jet away. However, when they're there, suddenly they're caught in the headlights of a large ship. The ship slowly hovers about the roof and a door slides open on it. A heavily armored clone trooper jets out and lands in front of them. He is huge, a lot larger than the other troopers seen so far. He introduces himself as Megatron and calls Prime by his clone trooper number. He calls Prime a traitor and they exchange insults with Prime saying he stayed loyal to the ideals of the Republic while Megatron calls him a traitorous weakling and that their only loyalty is to the Emperor. Prime tries to dare Megatron to fight him one on one but Megatron scoffs at this, saying he has the upper hand, why should he bother.

As Megatron is about to kill Prime, a missile slams into the ship and another ship lands in front of them in the ensuing chaos. Nasus appears and tells them to get on the ship.

Nasus says “Hiara, this is why you should go back to get married”. 

They take off, dodging fire from the other ships and somehow they manage to escape. Nasus berates Hiara for getting into so much danger. As he says this, Zuul hears a slight hissing sound and notices gass being pumped into the sealed chamber. They struggle to stay awake but Hiara and Zuul succumb quickly to the gas. Prime attempts to fight Nasus but he succumbs as well before too long.